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Powder skiing, it's really the Holy Grail for a lot of recreational skiers.
The idea of coming down a perfectly virgin field with snow flying everywhere
it's a lot of peoples dreams.
But the reality is if you've got a problem coming down a blue run
it's going to be amplified when you're off piste.
Linking those turns together is really key
and not getting too built up physiologically that it's a massively different thing
between that and skiing down a piste.
Good smooth linking of the turns and a positive flow.
It's a lot to do with rhythm.
Link the turns together with no hesitation.
A good pole plant will help you keep the rhythm going.
Remember what we learnt on the piste; no dead spot, no tea break between the turns.
There is always something happening.
Relax and enjoy it
The best way to build confidence skiing powder
is on the piste after a fresh snowfall.
Start linking the turns down the run with no hesitation.
The first few runs will give you a gentle introduction to the feeling of powder.
Above all be confident.
If you're in a resort when it snows over night
make sure you're on the first lift,
as it will soon get tracked out.
Something to watch out for is trying to throw the skis around far too quickly.
You're coming into the turn and you're going to do it all in one big movement.
If you put too much weight onto that new ski, the downhill ski, in one go
it's going to dig in and you're going to feel like you're thrown over the handlebars.
It's got to start nice and smooth, let the skis point downhill
and gradually build up that pressure change, nothing is too fast.
Let the skis work through this deeper snow. Get that control.
Keep the distractions to a minimum
No rocks, no trees, a nice simple slope
so you can just focus on what you're doing.
Skiing powder feels great
but if you can get some of these exercises on the piste, a nice smooth fluid turn,
good strong pole plant, that's going to go a long way to help you
get some of those turns mastered when the snow's a bit deeper.
You'll be amazed once you link some turns together
how much more self-confidence you have
and that's going to go a long way to help you ski off piste.


How To Ski Powder - Advanced Ski Lesson #6.6

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ray 2015 年 6 月 10 日 に公開
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