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  • My name is Serena.

  • I graduated from ABC University, majored in Tourism.

  • People said that I’m kind and has an outgoing personality.

  • And when I comes to work, I valued as aggressiveness and responsibility very much.

  • Well, I like to travel a lot, especially climbing mountains

  • which also in the case that my capability of managing difficult tasks.

  • I’m also very good in problem solving

  • and that’s why I’m always wanted to become an excellent consultant in order to help others one day.

  • Therefore I’m very devoted to work as hard as possible to

  • accomplish my career goal.

  • That’s about it.

  • I sincerely hope to get this opportunity.

  • I sincerely hope that you would grant me this great opportunity.

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My name is Serena.


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面試範例 英語面接のサンプル。自己紹介 (面試範例 English Interview Sample: Introducing yourself)

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