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  • - This is good.

  • Oh my!

  • This place is expensive!

  • - Maybe we can get a pizza for the table?

  • - Yeah, like two or three.

  • - I might just, I might just sit out.

  • Yeah, I'm not really that hungry, actually.

  • I'll just have a water.

  • Is there free refills here?

  • There is? Okay, cool, nice.

  • I'll just have two waters, then.

  • Oh, bread's here!

  • Yay!

  • - We'll just take two medium pizzas for the table.

  • - Just for the four of them.

  • I'm not eating, I'm just here for the company.

  • Could we get some more bread?

  • There's no way that you guys are going to eat all of this.

  • Could I just try that?

  • That looks really interesting.

  • These two are stuck together.

  • I guess I'll just take both of them.

  • That was really good.

  • What's the pepperoni like?

  • Does anyone not like crust?

  • You know, the ketchup and the bread

  • is a lot similar to that pizza.

  • Once again, this isn't a $25 pizza, though.

  • You know, we could have just gone to Little Caesars.

  • I seem to have forgotten my card.

  • - Oh, they take cash.

  • - Remember when we went to TJ's party and we had to

  • bring a six-pack of beer, and I covered you for that?

  • So I think you actually owe me, what is that, like $4.50?

  • 'Cause, I mean, I technically only ordered bread,

  • so I guess I'll pay one-fifth of the bread.

  • - What are we going to tip him?

  • - Ah, I mean, was he really that good?

  • - Tip the guy. Just tip him.

  • - Like, I don't have any quarters on me.

  • Cool, here's your tip for your exceptional service.

  • - You know what, on second thought,

  • I gotta pay for parking, so...

- This is good.


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