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  • Hi lovely people of Food Tube. I am in Gozo, beautiful Gozo. It's an island next to Malta.

  • Yes! I'm gonna celebrate this beautiful island, I'm gonna make my own homemade pizza - classic

  • margherita. So simple, so easy. The world love Pizza. Why you should go buy? Make your own.

  • It's cheap and easy and it is delicious! Let me show you how. A bowl, 500g of strong

  • flour, 1 teaspoon of salt, sachet of 7g of dried yeast, then you have here 325ml of warm

  • water. Straight in. Mix it Now can you see the salt

  • on here? I'm gonna mix it, the salt with the flour. The yeast goes inside then you mix

  • it. What is it about making pizza? It's fantastico!

  • Turn it down, move the spoon, then start to mix it.

  • Fantastico! This stage I need a little bit of flour, just

  • a little bit. Put it on top. This is the way you clean your hands. I love making pizza!

  • You gather all together and that. With the palm of your hand in one side, you're

  • holding for the other one, you pull it and you fold it, you pull it and you fold it and

  • you carry on doing that, ok? Then you get the other side, pull it and you

  • fold it. Now the dough is ready! Get the flour, just

  • roll it a little bit. Get a knife, you do one, two, three and four. It's about, 150g.

  • Roll it, roll it. Now you've got four beautiful portions of dough. Now I'm gonna proof the

  • dough. First, we need a little bit of semolina. If you don't have semolina use breadcrumbs,

  • it works fantastic. This is what I used to do. I'm gonna proof it. What is proofing?

  • Yeast is alive. Soon as it touch water, start to move it. Soon as it touch the flour, starts

  • to feed. They create air. Oxygen goes bubbling like oooooh. And it goes boobooboobooboo,

  • double the size. Because they are happy! But then, (sigh) they rested. They become very

  • elastic, you can stretch them nice, I don't mind.

  • Put a little flour on top, put a damp cloth on and let it proof for at least two hours.

  • Here they are! (sings) Bam bam bam bam! Flour. Look at that!

  • They double the size. Press it and turn them around again, pick him up. Look at that!

  • Ok. Now there is a little hole here. Don't try to stick it, try to take it from the sides

  • of the pizza, put them on the middle. Then with your finger, just press it. This is really

  • fantastic. Stop! We get nice tomato, or Passata will do.

  • Or this particular one I've flavoured with the garlic, it's easy.

  • Stop from the middle, you do not need too much tomato. Drizzle with some little olive

  • oil. It help to flavour the pizza. Little bit of salt. When you reach the stage

  • to make the classic margherita, you need parmesan cheese. This will be so delicious. Nice mozzarella.

  • For each pizza you need about 50g of mozzarella. Just break with your hands, it's so good.

  • Basil, break it. Yes, with a nice drizzle of olive oil again. Pallet, here you are.

  • Little semolina on the pallet. Don't be afraid, readjust it. Now a miracle will happen. Yes!

  • This is very rustic!

  • Oh yes! This is what I call a pizza. Look at that! The perfect

  • pizza! The tomato, the basil on top, the cheese, the Gozo olive oil. Gozo I love you. You can

  • put salami, you can put preserved vegetable, make your own, it's ever so easy. If you want

  • to see me make all more, fantastic dish don't forget Food Tube channel subscribe! It is

  • free. Let's cook it all together, it's enjoyable. I made for you fantastic margherita pizza.

  • You know what, Paul the cameraman is looking at me, he's gonna nearly follow. Bye!

  • I'm gonna eat my pizza, I'm gonna eat my pizza!! Oh Yes! Mmm Mmm Mmm!

  • Bye!

  • Thank you for watching my video Food Tubers.

  • This recipe was adapted from my book - Let's Cook Italian. Please take a look, you will

  • love it. And keep watching Food Tube channel. Subscribe - It is free and enjoyable! Let's

  • cook all year round together! I love you all. Bye!

Hi lovely people of Food Tube. I am in Gozo, beautiful Gozo. It's an island next to Malta.


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