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  • Hello, my name is Emilia.

  • In this clip, I'd like to give you some advice on preparing for the listening test to the Cambridge English exam.

  • Here are some things you should do.

  • DOs. Listen to and read the instructions to understand what you have to do.

  • Use the preparation time before each recording is played to read through the question and think about the topic, speakies, and contexts.

  • Remember the information on the page follows the order of the information in the recording.

  • Copy your answers carefully onto the answer sheet when you are told to do so at the end of the test.

  • Check that you have followed the numbering correctly.

  • And here's a list of thing you shouldn't do.

  • DON'Ts. Don't worry if you miss a question,

  • Continue with the next question, and listen again for the missing information when you hear the recording for the second time.

  • Everything is played twice.

  • Don't panic if you don't understand everything in the text, you probably don't need to.

  • Don't use a pen, you must use a pencil.

  • Don't leave a blank space on the answersheet, if you're not sure, guess.

  • There are many other activities that you can do regularly to prepare for any Cambrige English listening test.

  • For example, you can watch films and TV in English.

  • Listen to English radio or podcasts, skype with English speaking friends.

  • And of course, watch Cambridge English TV on YouTube.

  • I hope you found these tips useful, thank you for watching.

Hello, my name is Emilia.


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英語学習のヒント - リスニングテストのスキル (English Language Learning Tips - Listening Test Skills)

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