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Today we are giving an honorary degree to Eason Chan. *crowd applauds*
I invite Eason Chan to stand and for Dr Heather Forland to introduce him.
Eason Chan by the authority vested in me as Vice Chancellor of Kingston University, it
gives me great pleasure to confer on you the degree of Doctor of Arts, honoris causa, for
your contribution to music and culture. Thank you.*applause*
Ladies and gentlemen, I am extremely nervous as you can see...but at the same time I am
extremely honoured and privileged to be here to receive such an honour.
When I knew that I was recognised by Kingston University of being a doctor in music, I had
doubts because I receive a lot of awards, actually more than I deserve I think.
You think; 'what's the meaning of this? 'and success...'am I successful?'...I think I'm
still learning, I'm still striving to what success is. To me, success is having a very
kind and loving heart and I think that's the best, nothing beats that when you do anything.
*applause* What I learnt from the UK is this as well
*sings*' Always look on the bright side of life (whistles the melody)' I'm in a terribly
good mood today! Okay, you may not understand it...I believe
music is a universal language. *Sings Odyssey* Thank you
very much.


Cantopop star Eason Chan receives honorary degree from Kingston University

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