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  • Thanks so much for helping me drive to work.

  • Just the traffic is so bad, if I've got someone with me it's just a bit...

  • Oh, I know it's the worst, isn't it.

  • I really appreciate it.

  • No, I just I kind of feel I'm on the show.

  • I mean it's gonna be a good... something for me to watch at night.

  • -Yes, we can go like this Big Hero 6... -Phew~

  • Can I put the radio on?

  • -Yeah, please. -Yeah?

  • You want to shut me up, I mean...

  • -I'm just say it'll be fun if I turn the radio on. -No no no, that's fine.

  • -No no no, I'm just here for you. -See what song you like...

  • Ohhh....see now. That's not an accident!

  • I know your act. I know your act.

  • I mean it's a new car! So I don't know how to change the... radio station.

  • -We can..... hahaha -Hey...(singing)

  • (singing).... Are you ready?

  • -Come on. -I'm not singing today, it was a full night.

  • (still singing)

  • -Take it! Take it! -OK, I got it.

  • -Say it........Hey! -Babe, babe, babe....

  • They don't talk to you about going too much... They don't know it!

  • It's a great song in accent!

  • I don't know what it is. It's not.... I'm not trying....

  • Hey, bro, it's my American.

  • Let's talk New York.

  • I can only talk New York if I'm cursing, say...

  • -What are you talking to say it! -What you talkin about?

  • -"What are you talkin" -What are you talkin about.

  • -Just like you didn't see "about". Like, "we talkin".  -What are you talkin?

  • From Tribeca.

  • We get from Tribeca now, but it was Brooklyn to begin with.

  • OK. Who else do we have? Do we have any other artist?

  • -Let's try this one.......say what? -Oh my god.......

  • (singing)

  • How many albums do you have? 18?

  • -Yes, 18. -More than Elvis?

  • -That's why my age stays this 18. -More than Elvis, right?

  • -I will, see, we'll celebrate my 18th birthday.....with the fact that I have 18 albums, yes. -Hahahaha!

  • -You look so hot. -Yes I really am.

  • -Stop it. I'm a married man. You gotta stop what you're doing now. -Oh goodness.

  • -I know that I'm your dream lover. -I read you like a book.

  • Oh, please...

  • What was that?

  • It was just me giving you flick.....

  •, when you like the boy in junior high, and you give them like the... What do they call it?

  • C'mon. Give me some sugar.

  • -Give me some sugar! Give me some sugar! -You give me the full one...... Alright.

  • So we could talk Southern too.

  • Well, that I don't mind.

  • The English are always good with the Southern accents, like they're really good...

  • (singing)

  • Wait!

  • Is someone getting thirsty?

  • Is someone getting thirsty?

  • You know a song!

  • I want you to play this again. Alright.

  • You know what?

  • Mariah Carey you're in trouble!

  • You like it!

  • -Thank you so much for helping me get to work. -Thank you so much.

  • Was it a good ride for work?

  • Are you going to be all right getting home from here?

  • I think I'll like...I'll hitch a ride and see if someone picks me up.

  • Thanks for watching. I hope you found it funny.

  • If you didn't....I'm sure you'll post a really positive response underneath anyway.

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Thanks so much for helping me drive to work.


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