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  • come to say good-bye?

  • Huh? Good-bye.

  • Miss Porter, believe me,

  • if I could go on my own, I would.

  • I just can't have you here two weeks.

  • Look, if a hiker passes by, if Mr. Lewis passes by, even an eagle,

  • please hitch a ride and go with them.

  • Do you think I like it here, for christ's sake?

  • I got no liquor, nine cigarettes and a grease monkey for company.

  • I want to stay here only marginally more than I want to die trying to escape.

  • You laughing in there or crying?

  • i, m crying.

  • - I suppose two weeks isn't that long. - Oh, no?

  • What?

  • Thank you. Thank you.

  • On one condition. No story.

  • Not one word.

  • Aloof, self-satisfied, self-sufficient,

  • surprisingly attractive.

  • could use some makeup.

  • christ, my mind is going. I sound like Rona Barrett.

  • It's so quiet up here, you could hear a mouse get a hard-on.

  • A touch arrogant, maybe frigid.

  • It might explain things. When she goes out-

  • Mr. souchak, would you-

  • Sorry. Did I startle you? No, no, it's not you.

  • It's, uh- It's the cigarettes.

  • They kind of make me jumpy. Oh.

  • I'm on strict rations. I'm gonna take a shower now.

  • Good. Good. That's always nice.

  • Ah, sorry. How's this?

  • Right. Why don't I just slide outside?

  • Maybe you can have a cigarette while you're out. Then you'll be down to seven.

  • - Ha, ha, ha. What time we leavin' in the morning? - We?

  • I thought we had an agreement.

  • I just want to see what you do, that's all.

  • It's not easy up there, you know. i, II manage.

  • I had a cousin in the Boy Scouts.

come to say good-bye?


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コンチネンタル・ディバイド (2/9) Movie CLIP - One Condition -- No Story (1981) HD (Continental Divide (2/9) Movie CLIP - One Condition -- No Story (1981) HD)

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