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Wow she's cute!
- The girl in blue. - Yeah, dude, the fourteen-year-old?
- No. - What are you guys talking about? - Chris thinks the girl on blue is cute. - That 30-year-old?
I'm talking about the girl who has on the liquid liner.
- What is that? How do you know that? - Oh, it's makeup. My sister wears it like every day.
she's clearly 24,5 tuổi
- 45. - I can't tell anymore.
I'm gonna go talk to her to prove you guys how delusional you are.
Alright, just make it quick cuz recess is about to end.
Ask her what his shirt tastes like.
I'm sorry. Do you mind if I sit here?
- uh...yeah, be my guest. - "Now put your service to the test."
What? Beauty and the Beast. Oh, I've never seen it. My parents always say that I was too mature for Disney movies.
That's surprising.
Yeah, I actually read the fairy tale before I ever even knew there was a movie.
No way. I had a weird childhood.
Do you always go around quoting lines from Disney movies?
I...I can't get those movies out of my head.
I am the same way, with boy bands
Yes...me too! Really?
- Favorite boy band on 3...1, 2, 3, - Back Street Boy!!! - One Direction!!
I named my baby after Liam
- Your baby? - Yeah, my adorable adopted baby Pomeranian.
Oh, I'm actually doing a project on him right now for my animal rights course.
Do you want to see? Sure.
I think it's pretty good cuz I don't know computers.
- Oh, do you want some of my milk? - You're drinking milk?
Yeah, I have a bad calcium deficiency, which is also why sometimes I have to use this.
Calcium supplements.
It can get pretty painful sometimes
Like this year for my 26th birthday, I have to be in a back brace
Thank god!
Thank god for your fashion sense.
You know because you can... probably wear whatever and
still make it look good. Thank you.
You know what you're working with.
- Would you like to go shopping with me? - Yes!
I love shopping. Have you been to Sephora lately?
They have a new Urban Decay liquid liner that will look really good on you
Great! Let me give you my contact info.
Call me.



彼女はいったい何歳? How Old Is She?!

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