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  • Kevin Durant was asked what he was doing interviews making the rounds for one

  • other

  • whatever the fuck product that is promoting and he went on Sina sport and

  • the host

  • asked him what he may Cove Sports Illustrated's 1 through 10 the top 10

  • players going into this basketball season

  • and the who who who do you think is deserving a being in that top 10

  • he listed James Harden who is not in the top 10 obviously

  • and then they asked him with a solid solid follow-up question

  • they asked who would you replace with no hesitation at all

  • not he said the three-time NBA champion

  • Dwyane Wade. Dwyane Wade comes in at number eight on the list Carmelo Anthony

  • is 10th

  • clear bright is ninety you can make a case that maybe

  • another player should be inserted in there we can do that tomorrow with Ben

  • make oh it's covering the top 10 players

  • going into the season however with no hesitation he said plainly

  • and now what sport the first screenshot I'm doing away here's what he said on

  • Instagram responding back to Kevin Durant 924 13

  • Kevin Durant said James Harden to replace me

  • and the top 10 let's penmanship going right

  • note to self macomb respect your place in history

  • again and then Kevin Durant responses go to the next one

  • show me don't tweet me now

  • I i understand that maybe they're just trying to beat this up a little bit and

  • try to grab eyeballs for the NBA season they play January 29th by the way

  • in Miami Florida these two teams the Thunder I love course having Russell

  • Westbrook back who did cracked the top 10

  • a and Kevin Durant facing off against Miami Heat however

  • what do wat away needs to realize is that you know what

  • this is about 2013 2014

  • that season this isn't about a legacy full going through puberty

  • this isn't about a legacy this isn't about who's the better player of all

  • time

  • this about going into this coming season now with that being said

  • our side with Kevin Durant I really do I think that James Harden brings a little

  • more to the table

  • maybe it's because he just is a younger body and he hasn't taken the sort of

  • brute force that that Dwayne Wade has going into the paint and taking a buncha

  • hits as he tries to go to the pain go to the bucket

  • however I did as you guys to chime in on Twitter I'm sorry for all the live

  • streams that can see this

  • however I'm gonna read those tweets right now again you can watch is quote

  • post

  • so Tony seeming says of course Kevin Durant would say that that is boy

  • obviously but wait does that three rings or garth we got there we get if the

  • up with who so but tony is playing other top defense I would love for you to jump

  • on one side or the other

  • claims out droll says the put it in a nutshell currently James Harden is

  • greater than two and wat totally biased I hate everything about heat

  • regardless thank you for the honesty met Polanski a huge supporter of a Reuben

  • report says harden had to initiate offense

  • for the entire team way got to play up the best interior X is the initiator in

  • the game

  • the brunt hard greater the way understand that obviously

  • anyone is going to benefit when you have a LeBron James and

  • a few more let's hear it agree would definitely wait is great but is aging my

  • heart is coming

  • %uh into his prime legacy wise weight greater than hard but as of now

  • yeah I agree with that as well and I one more Dave in the car

  • says right now James Harden is the top three shooting guard ways a future Hall

  • of Famer bright now

  • I take our giveaway they need a cousin disney's again I completely agree

  • I think Dave in the car hit it exactly on the point at

  • however I do want to hear your guys thoughts only without the comment

  • section below and who you think

  • is the better player going into 2013

Kevin Durant was asked what he was doing interviews making the rounds for one


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ケビン・デュラント vs ドウィアン・ウェイド (Kevin Durant vs Dwyane Wade)

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