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Hello, my name is Jessica.
Preparation is key in any exam, and the Cambridge English speaking test is no exception.
There are lots of factors to consider in the speaking test.
For example, pronunciation, intonation, vowel sound and stress.
Stress is very important.
It helps you understand that is because of English.
And it also helps other people to understand you, especially when speaking at speed.
One thing that learners of all level sometimes find confusing is when the meaning of a word depends on how you stress it.
So, let's take a closer look at word stress.
There are many two-syllable words in English.
Take this word, for example.
Which syllable would you stress?
The first? The second? Or are both acceptable?
Present or present?
Does the meaning change?
Yes, it does.
Present is a noun, meaning a gift.
Present is a verb with several meanings. For example, to show and to make a presentation.
Here are some more examples.
To object.
And an object.
To import, and an import.
To contract, and a contract.
To export, and an export.
In all of these examples, the word is a verb when the second syllable is stressed.
And a noun when the first syllable is stressed.
How can you best learn word stress?
You'll need both time and experience.
So listen carefully to native speakers and try to develop the feeling for the rhythm of the language.
You can also keep a record of which syllable is stressed in your vocabulary notebook.
For example, by underlining the stressed syllable.
There're many different varieties of English accents in the UK and elsewhere in the world.
They're all acceptable.
Comprehensible pronunciation is what's tested in the exam.
And stress plays a major part in this.
Your accent is not something to worry about in the test as long as you can be understood.
Don't forget you could look up stress in any good dictionary.
Thank you for watching.


英語学習のテクニック:スピーキングテスト (English Language Learning Tips - Speaking Test)

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