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  • The city of Kaohsiung lies by the waters of the Taiwan Strait in southwestern Taiwan.

  • Over the last three centuries

  • Kaohsiung has grown from a humble trading village into Taiwan's busiest harbor.

  • As a shipping and industrial powerhouse,

  • Kaohsiung has had a gritty past

  • but today a fresh wind is blowing, creating a modern, creative and highly livable city.

  • That still honors its hard working beginnings.

  • Just a short ferry ride from the city’s downtown is the narrow island of Cijin.

  • The place with a city meets the sea.

  • This district serves as the harbor’s natural breakwater,

  • and has been home to Kaohsiung’s fishing families for generations.

  • Times slow down here and the best way to experience the island's rhythms is by foot or bicycle.

  • Visit Tianhou Temple, dedicated to the goddess Matzu, the protector of sailors and fishermen.

  • Follow dramatic coastal paths then make a short climb to the lighthouse and fort for commanding views over the city.

  • When it's time to swap sea for mountain, head back to the mainland to monkey mountain.

  • Meet the forests furry resident and pause for tea.

  • as you climb ever upward for more great views

  • wherever you go in Kaohsiung

  • you'll be reminded that this is a city with water in its veins.

  • The love River runs right through the heart of the city.

  • Once little more than a neglected drain,

  • the river’s transformation reflects the city, awakening to its natural beauty.

  • But if the love river is the city's mirror

  • Lotus Lake is the city’s soul.

  • From the remains of the Old Wall of Fengshan,

  • explore the lake in a clockwise direction.

  • At the dragon and tiger Pagodas, entering through the dragon's mouth

  • and exiting from the tigers' is said to transform bad luck

  • into good fortune.

  • At the Spring and Autumn Pavilions,

  • pay your respects to the goddess of mercy and the god of war.

  • While further around the lake, a towering statue,

  • the mysterious warrior Xuan Wu rises from the water

  • Lotus Lake is surrounded by more traditional temples, too.

  • such as Taiwan's largest Confucian temple.

  • and the extraordinary Tien Fu Palace.

  • The area is filled with food stalls,

  • so enjoy a snack as the sun sets.

  • and the lake lights up in all its heavenly glory.

  • After a busy day with the gods,

  • follow your nose to the Liouho Night Market, one of Asia's largest.

  • Drift along with the human tide,

  • through a canyon of neon-lit stalls serving up all the fruits of the sea.

  • It's a moment like this,

  • We realize cities are like oceans, too.

  • each has its own currents, its own moods.

  • So what are you waiting for?

  • Come and dive into Kaohsiung.

  • Taiwan's best kept secret by the sea.

The city of Kaohsiung lies by the waters of the Taiwan Strait in southwestern Taiwan.


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