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  • I was like, "Sup, can I buy you a drink?"

  • Something I say in English all the time.

  • Can I get you another drink?

  • Sure.

  • Another drink?

  • I feel like it's a lot of easier pretending to be sexy in other language, cause I have no idea what I'm saying.

  • Whereas if I said that in English, I would be immensely uncomfortable.

  • So if you ever go to Brazil, that's what guys would normally say.

  • Okey.

  • What's up, cute girl?

  • Is that "Yo girl, you wanna bang?"

  • No~

  • Hindi

  • How would I say you're beautiful?

  • You are very beautiful.

  • Oh God.

  • You are very beautiful.

  • It sounds like I just called you a ho.

  • Ho means "you are."

  • (Hindi) means beautiful.

  • You are promiscuous.

  • French

  • So you can say (French).

  • Like you're an angel fallen from the sky.

  • Oh my God, it's beautiful. I don't know if I can say that though.

  • You're an angel fallen from heaven.

  • Okey, I don't have it.

  • You're an angel fallen from heaven.

  • So you do (inaudible). Let's go.

  • Russian

  • Hey girl, what's up?

  • Ok, you need to go back. Can you... one more time?

  • You can, I know you can.

  • Pronounce it, give me...

  • Hey girl, what's up?

  • It means like, "hey girl, how're you doing?"

  • Hey girl, what's up?

  • Yeah, maybe a know.

  • Hey girl, what's up?

  • Spanish

  • I'd like you to teach me how to pick up a girl in Spanish.

  • What's up,cutie?

  • Yeah, it means like "what's up, cutie?"

  • What's up, cuite?

  • That's good, I'm gonna use that one. For sure.

  • Arabic

  • Pretty girl.

  • How do you say your leg must be tired? Cause you've been running through my mind all day?

  • Like this (punch)

  • Can I tell you, so I went to Israrel and made friends there.

  • And they taught me all these phrases without telling what they meant.

  • And the phrases they had been repeating to everyone was "so do you live alone?"

  • The worst thing to do. I can say that. Yeah great.

I was like, "Sup, can I buy you a drink?"


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