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  • Justin: Heyyy. Britney Spears singing: "Just one kiss from you and suddenly I see . . ." etc.

  • Alex: I met an interesting guy at school today...this guy's like us! Justin: Really?? A kid from our school?

  • Oh, that is so cool! What's his name? We should Totally have him over! Alex: See, just listen.

  • It's T.J. Taylor. Just think about how our lives would be! Justin: In the dark! Alex: With you.

  • Whenever we want. And

  • I'm tired of getting in trouble for it. So,

  • I'm gonna tell Dad about T.J. and then maybe I'll get him to loosen up *sound fades to Jerry pondering Justin and Alex's "activities"* Jerry: ...Whenever you want . . .hmmm. NO.

  • NO. Alex: But, Daddy

  • T.J.'s parents let him all the time When you

  • come over tonight, I want to make sure your parents convince my parents that everyday's okay rather than the other

  • way around. T.J.--Ohh-hooo, you don't have to worry about that. *Justin scoffs*

  • You don't know our Dad. T.J.: I put a charm on them so that they go along with it. Okay, so it is set;

  • I will clear my parents' schedule and we can all come over for dinner tonight. Alex: Great!

  • Jerry: ...tell them what they are doing wrong with their kid. (either T.J. or Justin says "Hey") Alex: Uh,

  • T.J.! Justin and I loved you--

  • This is great! The only thing that could possibly make this better is if Justin were here! Justin: Alex!

  • I don't believe it! Your plan actually worked.

  • details from it's mom and dad can now deduct everyone's commented out there

  • i can hardly believe monday but you can't forced out hey waited to sixty

  • days parents are

  • you don't mind chrishtan mind

  • hi we're just happy role having fun

  • Justin: To the chamber!! Bahm, ba-ba-bu-buuuuuuum!!!

  • Justin: Do you want me or not?

Justin: Heyyy. Britney Spears singing: "Just one kiss from you and suddenly I see . . ." etc.


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ディセンチャンテッドイブニングでジャレックスを作る/Wizards of Waverly Placeのマニピュレーション (Making Jalex in Disenchanted Evening//Wizards of Waverly Place manip)

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