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  • Hey, it's Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business


  • and a life that you love, not to flip pizzas. And today is Q&A Tuesday and today's question


  • comes from Jessica and Jessica writes:


  • Marie, first off, you're amazing.” No, you're amazing. “Here's my Q. When


  • I first thought of this idea for my business I was like, "Oh my God, I'm a genius.


  • This is literally the best idea ever." I couldn't sleep, I spent every spare minute


  • researching, jotting down more ideas, talking about it, and just being generally high on


  • life. It's been a couple of months, I've secured funding, and the website is in development,


  • and boom. Doubt creeps in. I've lost the buzz. Is there a secret to getting the mojo


  • back about your business after time passes? I guess the excitement has phased into a concoction


  • of overwhelm, doubt, and stress. How do I make sure I'm in love with my business even


  • after the honeymoon phase? Thank you, Jessica.”

    新婚旅行の後で?ありがとう ジェシカ"

  • Jessica, I love this question. You know, so many of us can go from having a great idea


  • that we're super pumped about and then we're super over it. That concoction that you talked


  • about, the one of doubt, overwhelm, and stress, it is a buzzkill. And I don't know if you

    についてですが 疑心暗鬼、圧倒、ストレスのある方は 話題になりますそして、私はあなたが

  • know this, but I used to be a bartender and I used to make some pretty good drinks. So

    これは知っていますが 私は昔 バーテンダーをしていて かなり良いお酒を作っていましただから

  • let me whip you up a concoction that'll get that good buzz going once again. (Passiontini? Come and right up. It's been a while.)


  • It's gonna be one part turning pro, one part big vision, and one part stay hungry, baby.


  • This is called the everlasting passiontini, shaken not stirred.


  • Let's start with part one, which is all about turning pro. This is all about overcoming

    パート1から始めましょう プロになるための全てですこれは、すべてを克服することについてです

  • what my friend Steven Pressfield calls resistance. Resistance is that deadly force that pops

    私の友人 スティーブン・プレスフィールドは 抵抗と呼んでいます抵抗とは、その致命的な力が

  • up any time you try and take on a new creative project or you have a big new idea or you


  • make any effort whatsoever to improve yourself. Now, the whole secret here is recognizing


  • that resistance is a natural part of the creative process, so I want you to expect it. This

    抵抗は創造の過程では 自然なことなので 期待してほしいのですこれは

  • way you won't freak out the next time you start going on this path and then you realize


  • you're like, “You know what? I'm not as big of a genius as I thought I was.”


  • So turning pro means rather than giving up when the self doubt creeps in, you use it

    だからプロになるということは 自信喪失が忍び寄ってきた時に 諦めるのではなく それを利用するということだ

  • as fuel to keep going. And here's the thing, nobody, not me, not you, nobody escapes resistance.


  • It's kind of like gravity so you've gotta learn to deal with it and if you don't you're


  • pretty much toast. Now, we've already done a few awesome episodes on this topic and I'll


  • put the links below.


  • Next up is your big vision. So one of the reasons that most people hit a wall or they


  • lose that spark is they don't have a big enough or a compelling enough vision to pull them


  • ahead. Here's what I mean. You can be motivated in one of two ways when you're trying to


  • create or accomplish anything. You can try and push yourself to make yourself do it,


  • which rarely works, or you can have a vision that is so exciting to you, so connected to


  • your heart, so meaningful, that it literally pulls you ahead. And it's not just about

    あなたの心には意味があります それは文字通り あなたを先に引っ張っていくものですそして、それは単に

  • having a vision to pull you ahead, it really does have to be connected to something emotional,


  • something in your heart that is really meaningful to you. Now, here's a tweetable to help you remember.


  • "You won't have to push yourself to keep going if you have a big enough vision to pull you ahead."

    "前に進むのに十分な大きなビジョンを持っていれば 自分を追い込む必要はありません"

  • So here's an example. At one point our big vision was to find our own studio for MarieTV.


  • Why? Because it was the biggest stress point in the business. Every time we wanted to shoot


  • the show we were like this little traveling caravan trying to find a place to do it in.


  • So we realized, you know what, if we had our own studio we would eliminate the biggest


  • stress point in our business, so we set our big vision and we went to it. But here's

    事業のストレスポイントでしたので 大きなビジョンを設定してそれに向かっていきましたしかし、ここでは

  • the thing: it wasn't easy. If you know anything about real estate in New York you know it's


  • not an easy market, you know, every time we went out to look at some place new it was


  • kinda sucky, it was small, it was really expensive, and, you know, not the kind of place we wanted


  • to actually be in. So many times I could have thought, you know what? Let's just give


  • this whole idea up. Let's fire the broker, let's just keep doing what we're doing.


  • But that thought honestly never crossed our mind because we had such a huge vision for


  • what this could be and we had such a big emotional why that we stayed the course, and eventually


  • we found our own studio.


  • Last part of the passiontini is you've got to stay hungry, Jessica, and hunger comes

    パッションティーニの最後の部分は 空腹のままでいないと ジェシカ 空腹がやってくる

  • when there's a real gap between where you are right now and where you want to be. So

    今いる場所となりたい場所との間に 本当のギャップがある時にはだから

  • I don't know what really motivates you or excites you about your business. Maybe it's


  • hitting a certain number of users, maybe it's reaching a certain revenue goal or having


  • a certain number in terms of your impact, but whatever it is you've gotta really stay


  • connected to it and stay hungry. That means you have to have something that's slightly


  • out of your reach to keep going for over the long term.


  • One way to keep your hunger from dying is to not talk your idea to death. So many people


  • do this and I wanna shake them. Here's the thing, when you talk about your idea to death

    これをやってみたいし 揺さぶりたいここからが本題です 自分の考えを死ぬほど語るときです

  • it makes you feel falsely satiated. You know, we human beings are fueled by progress. It


  • makes us feel happy and it keeps us on track. But when you talk about something over and


  • over and over again, you almost trick yourself into thinking that you're making progress


  • but you're really not. It's kind of like eating a Snickers. Totally empty calories.


  • Now, here's the best thing about passiontinis my dear, there's no alcohol and there is


  • no hangover. And guess what? You can even pour some for your kids.


  • Jessica, that was my A to your Q and I really do hope it helps. Now I would love to hear


  • from you. So have you ever lost the buzz over one of your big ideas? What happened? And

    あなたからあなたは今までに一つの大きなアイデアで 話題性を失ったことがありますか?何が起きたのでしょうか?また、その時には

  • what do you do specifically to stay connected to your passion over the long term?


  • As always, the best discussions happen after the episode over at the magical land of,


  • so come on over and leave a little comment now.


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  • dreams because the world needs that special gift that only you have. Thank you so much

    世界はあなただけの特別な贈り物を 必要としているからですありがとうございました

  • for watching and I'll catch you next time on MarieTV.


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