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  • Wait, is there any game?

  • No, there's not. That's boring.

  • It has Trivia. I am playing that. I don't care if you guys won't let me. I'm playing.

  • There's Uber. In case I wanna leave fast.

  • There's a microphone. Yay!

  • What's up Benny? Whoo~

  • Oh, "what's up buddy."

  • (Ringing) You're calling me.

  • Hello.

  • It does not sound like you.

  • What is going on?

  • You're on the phone with a watch.

  • I'm hanging up, bye bye. Bye.

  • Apple Watch.

  • How do you know about it?

  • We saw it on the news and I was like, "Oh that's kind of cool."

  • It's all over the news and how expensive it is.

  • I'm holding something really expensive, guys.

  • So it's made from Apple who also make Iphones.

  • Yep. And you know what a smartphone is, right?

  • Yep, I'm putting it on.

  • So that is a smart watch.

  • Woo~a smart watch.

  • What would you expect a smart watch to be able to do?

  • The same thing as a smart phone.

  • Play games. But it's just a watch, I wouldn't really want it to play games.

  • I don't know, really. I didn't see that commercial exactly because that was an ad.

  • And who likes ads?

  • So with this Apple watch, a lot of functions will not work unless you also have an iphone5 or later.

  • Really? Wow~that's terrible.

  • Now, it's useless. If you forget your phone, you just have the watch on like, "what're you gonna do?"

  • You waste all of your money, and you find out you don't need to have an Iphone, it like

  • dreams crushed.

  • So do you think there is a need for this device?

  • I really don't think that you would need this, if you have your phone with you.

  • Yes. If you're walking in the street like on the yellow line, instead of stopping and the car honk at you, and being so rude

  • you can just go ... and then you start walking.

  • So how much would you pay for something like this?

  • My dad would say 5 dollars.

  • Hundred two hundred bucks.

  • Two hundred and fifty-one dollars.

  • Probably like four hundred dollars.

  • Five hundred dollars?

  • Not a thousand dollar, but somewhere around nine hundred.

  • $50? Cause I really don't need it.

  • Well the cheapest model goes for $350.

  • Really?

  • You can get the solid gold one for ten thousand dollors.

  • I'd like the solid gold thing, that'd be cool, but $10,000...

  • All I need is a picture of it.

  • It's not like I really really need it, it just looks awesome.

  • So really, you can just take a picture of it. Print out, tape it on your wrist. Bang.

  • You have it.

  • You know rich people are gonna buy it and then they just get more money. Rich people are gonna spend whatever they want to spend.

Wait, is there any game?


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