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  • Joe Perez: How to beat a slicer in tennis. What is a slicer? A slicer is a person that

  • chops the ball, creates backspin and makes their shots land in very, very low and skid

  • a lot. If they hit it hard they skid and a slice that's hit softly tends to bounce and

  • stop.

  • So how do you beat a slicer? The main thing, and the most important thing is that you're

  • going to have to bend a lot because that ball is going to be very, very low. So you have

  • to bend your knees and get under that ball to make sure you don't hit it in the net.

  • The other thing that you have to remember to try to beat a slicer is that you want to

  • give them a shot they're not able to slice too well. What is that? A good shot to hit

  • against a slicer is a tremendous top spin shot, something high and soft and deep. That

  • means that the ball's going to be bouncing up here and it's much harder to hit a slice

  • when the ball is high than when it's low. A slicer likes the ball low, so you want to

  • keep that ball at a slicer's eyeball so that now the slice is a softer, not as effective

  • shot. Okay?

  • The other thing about a slicer is generally they don't like pace. If you can hit a lot

  • of pace, a slicer is going to have trouble handling that pace. But again, it has to be

  • with top spin, high, because then the slice has less effect. To be honest with you, thinking

  • about that, a slicer, when the pace is low, actually likes that because they take the

  • pace off the ball. So a lot of times by hitting the ball low and soft, the slicer has trouble.

  • The slicer likes pace but not pace that's high.

  • Kirk Moritz: Also the slicer typically is going to have a problem hitting a passing

  • shot. So if you are playing the ball a little high to the slicer's backhand and you follow

  • it in to the net, if he only has a slice he's going to have a hard time executing a particularly

  • good passing shot. Slicing shots are not typically nearly as fast as a top spin stroke so you'll

  • generally be in good position to handle the volley. Get your racquet on the volley. Attack

  • the slicer when you can.

  • Joe: I agree and the other thing that you have to be very careful about when playing

  • a slicer is that a slicer can disguise a drop shot. So they can hit a ball very short with

  • back spin and you're going to have to run up a lot. So you have to be careful to be

  • aware and anticipate when a slicer might want to hit a soft, short ball with back spin or

  • slice. Then you have to get up to the net, and again, play offensive and force that slicer

  • to try to hit a slice passing shot, which is again, like Kirk says, not a very hard

  • shot. That's how you beat a slicer.

Joe Perez: How to beat a slicer in tennis. What is a slicer? A slicer is a person that


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スライサーを倒す方法|テニスレッスン (How to Beat a Slicer | Tennis Lessons)

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