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  • Curious how good your eyesight is? Take a look at this image.

  • Who do you see?

  • If you're at a normal viewing distance from the screen and have decent eyesight,

  • you should be seeing Albert Einstein.

  • However, if you see Marilyn Monroe, you may want to consider wearing glasses or contacts.

  • Wear your glasses right now. Try taking them off and the image may change.

  • Or if you're near somebody else, ask them what they see.

  • The effect can actually be seen by anyone if we change the distance or size of the picture.

  • If it's far away, you're more likely to see Marilyn Monroe, as our eyes only pick up the broader strokes of an image from a distance.

  • But as you come closer to the image, you see the finer details of Einstein.

  • We promise we haven't changed anything digitally.

  • In fact, pause this video now, and try walking away from your computer screen.

  • Chances are the image will change and at a different distance than your friends because our eyes are all slightly different.

  • The further away you can stand and still see Einstein, the better your eyes likely are.

  • You can achieve the same effect by squinting your eyes to blur the photo.

  • So what's going on? Well this image is an example of a hybrid image, whereby a low spatial frequency of one picture is combined with the high spatial frequency of another.

  • But depending on how well you're able to focus or pick up contrast, your eye will only pick out certain details.

  • Up close, we're generally able to see fine details like Einstein's mustache and wrinkles.

  • But as the distance increases, or if your vision is poor and creates a more blurred image in the first place,

  • Your ability to pick up details fades away.

  • Instead, you only see the general features like the shape of the mouth, nose and hair, making it seem like Marilyn Monroe.

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Curious how good your eyesight is? Take a look at this image.


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あなたの視力はどれくらいですか?(テスト) (How Good Is Your Eyesight? (TEST))

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