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If you get blisters on the heels of your feet or you can feel your feet moving
around inside your shoe,
there's actually a simple solution for that. This is how you execute the "Lace Lock"
or the "Heel Lock".
Now it actually doesn't start by crossing the laces and actually starts
by going to the outside of our shoe to the extra holes that we often ignore.
We're going to use these holes to create loops on
each side of our shoe by inserting a lace in backwards.
We create a small loop like that.
We do that on both the inside and the outside
and we use these loops to execute the lock.
Now once we have loops on both sides here
we cross our laces and insert them into the loop
on the other side. This. Then
we sent our laces down. Now we're gonna want to pull down first did not
up. Because if we pull up you'll notice we leave the loop
hanging out here. We don't want that. We want to put down
toward the shoe. It actually creates
a lock, a nice firm tight lock. You see there's no space left here in the loop.
It's tied up against the shoe. Then we can simply
lace our shoe like we normally would and we successfully completed the "Lace Lock"
or the "Heel Lock".
Notice it's extremely tight on my foot it's not gonna slip it's not gonna
move around.
It also keeps your toes from jamming into the front of your shoe. Keep
your foot tightly seated inside your shoe and
just provides for more comfortable wearing experience no matter what you're
So thank you so much for watching and make sure you tune in next time for
another great tip from Illumiseen.


イルミセンからのヒント:"ヒールロック "や "レースロック "でランニングシューズの水ぶくれを防ぐ方法

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Derrick Chen 2015 年 5 月 14 日 に公開
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