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As important as the acting in these films are, of course, the biceps.
Let's see how well you know the biceps of yourselves and your fellow cast members.
Here we go. What do we got?
Chris Evans
Yeah, it's me.
How do you know that so quickly?
I'd know that armpit anywhere.
That looks like Evans to me.
What's the primary characteristics of Evans?
He's trapped.
What do we got?
Is that Joss Whedon?
I think that's Evans before he was Captain America.
It's me I guess. Soft and supple.
How can you say that?
Oh, that's me, right?
Just when I wake up.
Is that me?
Are you joking?
That looks like Evans.
That is Evans, isn't it? Renner?
That's Downey.
It is Robert Downey Jr.
What? - That's RDJ?!
Shut up.
Since uh, when?
I was like "me?".
That would be....- Is that Downey?
It's a tricky one, to be honest.
Jeremy Renner. Is that right?
Mine. - No.
You don't know your own body, do you?
I guess not.
It's Hemsworth.
You can tell from his pointed elbow though. We're always talking about.
There it is!
We call it the spark elbow.
That's you?
Not in this film - Get it together!
In the《Cabin in the Woods》?
I don't know. I don't know specifics but it's definitely not the Avengers.
It's amazing I didn't even pick my own arms. I spent a lot of time doing this.
Is that you?
That's the most pathetic one there.
I can tell because of your arm hairs.
Is that Mark Ruffalo?
Does that give away?
The hairy arms. - The purple T-shirt.
Hairy arms - Yep.
And with the nice purple T-shirt. That's gotta be Ruffalo.
Next time I'll ask you to submit your own bicep photo
I don't think that I'll be coming.
Thanks a lot. Thanks, Josh.



'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Cast Know Their Biceps | MTV News

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