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  • Let's face it.

  • Condoms are a bit of downer.

  • So how do we convince guys to put it on?

  • And make Durex the favorite choice.

  • When you're a 21-year-old stud, what might be the best reason to put it on?

  • I'm pregnant.

  • To be honest, guys don't really care that much about sexually transmitted diseases.

  • But babies, they just won't disappear with a visit to the doctor.

  • So, we thought let's simulate the experience of having a newborn.

  • And give you a taste of what it really feels like.

  • We created a mobile application where you can knock-up a friend's phone.

  • Download and install the application.

  • Find a phone to mate and gently rub the two phones against each other.

  • And there you go.

  • The baby will require your utmost attention.

  • Feed it, tickling, wobble, bobble or huggle it.

  • Use every trick in the book to make it stop crying.

  • Every time you close the application, you will be reminded use Durex.

  • With Facebook connect, the world will know you've become a dad.

  • Invitation for baby events will start popping up on your profile.

  • On Durex condom packages we place QR task that link to a Durex baby-anti knock-up application.

  • Download it, and you'll baby free.

  • At least until the real magic happens.

Let's face it.


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デュレックスベビーのiPhoneアプリ (Durex Baby iPhone App)

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