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  • We see it in movies and TV shows all the time -- birds delivering messages.


  • Whether it's a historical drama or the ravens in Game of Thrones, one has to wonder, can birds actually deliver messages with accuracy?


  • Not to burst your fantasy bubble, but ravens, while incredibly intelligent, aren't the likeliest of birds to get this job done.


  • Sorry, Jon Snow.


  • But the somewhat surprising fact is that other birds, such as pigeons, are fantastic at it.


  • Hence, the name "Carrier Pigeon."


  • In fact, they were successfully used nearly 3000 years ago to declare the winner of the Olympics abroad.

    実際、彼らは約 3000 年前に、海外にオリンピックの勝者を宣言するために、うまく使用されました。

  • Pigeons have an innate homing ability, meaning they'll return to their nest to mate.


  • Flights as long as 1800 kilometers have been recorded.

    1800 キロメートルもの長さの飛行が、記録されています。

  • Because of this, they've been used for centuries to send messages.


  • But, and this is a pretty big but.


  • They generally only send messages in one direction.


  • They'd be taken away from their homes, and when needed, could send messages back home.


  • Because their natural instinct was to fly there.


  • So, the idea of sending a bird wherever you need it to go is a little farfetched.


  • However, by placing their food at one location and their home in another, pigeons have been trained to fly back and forth between two locations reliably.

    しかし、ある場所に食べ物を置き、別の場所に家を置くことで、ハトは 2 つの場所の間を確実に行き来できるように訓練されています。

  • They have great eyesight and use the sun and the stars, landscapes, odors, sound waves and potentially even the earth's magnetic field to locate home.


  • Not to mention, they seem to have an internal compass which orients them.


  • And because of their migratory behavior, they can be trained as flocks, as opposed to other birds which would require one-on-one attention to accomplish the task.


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We see it in movies and TV shows all the time -- birds delivering messages.


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