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  • If someone asked you

  • to give examples of great people,

  • who would you name?

  • What makes a person great?

  • That's the question our reading is based on.

  • "Bring about" is a phrasal verb.

  • It means to make something happen.

  • For example, you can bring about change,

  • make it happen.

  • Listen for this verb.

  • Also in our reading

  • you'll hear different forms of common words,

  • like "kind" and "great."

  • Understanding word parts is very useful.

  • Did you know, for example,

  • that the ending (the suffix) -ly

  • makes an adverb, as in "kind" - "kindly."

  • And did you know that the suffix -ness

  • makes a noun, as in "great" - "greatness."

  • Listen for these word endings.

  • So how do you judge others?

  • Which people in history or in the present

  • do you consider to be great?

If someone asked you


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A1 初級

音読流暢さ16「偉大さを測る」~もっとハッキリしゃべろう! (Oral Reading Fluency 16 - "Measuring Greatness" - Speak more clearly!)

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