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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a candy crush cake. Candy
Crush is a free game that is currently being played 700 million times a day. Despite being
free to download it is currently the top grossing app in the itunes store but we'll talk more
about that later. To make your cake the first thing you need
to do is bake a cake, I made mine 15cm square on the top. And completely cover it in buttercream
You can use the raspberry buttercream or you can use plain buttercream and colour it with
a little red food colour. The cake recipes and buttercream recipes are all on the website
howtocookthat.net There is a link in the description below the video.
Use your spatula to smooth it out as much as you can and run the spatula up the sides
and gently fold over any bits that are sticking up on the top edge by just smoothing it into
the middle of the cake.
The candy crush icon has rounded corners so run your spatula up and then around each corner
to smooth it.
Then wipe your cake platter clean as you can using a damp piece of paper towel being careful
not to bump the cake.
Put the remaining buttercream into a piping bag fitted with a round nozzle. If you don't
have a piping bag you can use a plastic bag and cut the corner off but it will not be
as rounded as if you use a nozzle for this one.
Pipe a cylinder of buttercream along the top edge, turning it when you get to the corners
so they are rounded.
Next we need to fill in and smooth that gap that is along the side of the cake.
Just get a little extra buttercream on your spatula and spread it across the gap. Then
use the straight edge of the spatula to smooth out the side again.
Place that in the fridge for at least 30 minutes for the buttercream to firm up.
While it is doing that Print out your logo in the size of your cake, I have put the logo
in the size I am using here on the website so you an download that there.
Put some non-stick baking paper over the top and use the picture as you template to spread
some chocolate into the right circle size, making sure there is more chocolate in the
middle so it is not completely flat. To smooth the surface just lift and lower
the edges of the paper a couple of times. Take some colourful round candies, I am using
soft sugar pearls which I purchased from the baking section of the local supermarket. And
sprinkle them over the top making sure that you get an even spread.
Even though candy crush being free to download but it is currently bringing in $850,000 a
day for the game developers. If you are a candy crush addict, I want to know what level
are you up to and how much have you spent on it? I am only on a very early level 19
and I haven't spent any money on it at all. And if you don't want to get ripped off or
if you have little kids playing this game you can turn off inapp purchases by going
to settings, general, restrictions, inapp purchases, you can turn them back on at anytime.
So if you do want to go back on a different app and buy something you you can turn them
back on and then turn them back off again. While you are there why not also set your
age restrictions to an appropriate level and your rating restrictions for movies, games,
and TV shows. Get another sheet of baking paper and pipe
lots of chocolate over the jelly bean shape and smooth it out along the top. Let it set
then To make the base of the jelly bean so that it sits up a bit higher flip it over
and add m&ms the the underside. You could make a second half of the jelly bean and and
stick the two together but it sits better on the cake if the jelly bean is a bit flat
on the underside rather than completely rounded. Take a knife and scrape off any little lumps
in the chocolate Roll out some red fondant and use it to cover
the jelly bean, wrapping it around underneath. Gently rub with your finger to smooth out
the surface.
For the other candy pipe the shape put of chcolate, you can Leave it plain chocolate
or add m&m's into the middle like I am here to build it up and to make a nice oval shape
. Then add a circle of m&m's around the edge. Let that set then pipe some more chocolate
over the top of them and use a knife to smooth out the edges. You can of course make these
from solid fondant but I just think they taste much better if they are have chocolate and
lollies in the middle.
Once that one is set cover it in orange fondant, use scissors to trim it up and tuck it under,
then use your finger to smooth it out just like we did with the jelly bean.
If you want it shiny which looks quite good with this one you can paint it with a mixture
of half vodka and half water. The alcohol content will evaporate off and it will stay
shiny for around 4 hours. So if you are not serving it straight away you will want to
paint this glaze on later once they are on the cake.
Take a tiny bit of white fondant and roll it between your finger and the palm of your
hand. Add it to the candy where the white highlights are on the logo.
Cut out the inside section of your logo and check that it easily fits onto the centre
of your cake, if not just trim a little extra off the edges.
Roll out some white fondant and using the cutout as your template cut around the square
with your rounded corners. Then cut the blue off your paper template
and put it back on top and use some blue powdered food colour and a dry paintbrush to dust some
colour over the top making it darker at the edges. Take the template off and blend it
in a little. If you cant get hold of blue powdered colour
then just use your gel colour to colour this fondant blue before you roll it out.
Take your cake out of the fridge and place some paper towel over the edge. Gently rub
it with a fondant smoother to make sure sure your edges are completely flat. If you don't
have a fondant smoother you can use a book or anything that you've got that is flat.
Repeat that on each side.
Take some white fondant and roll it out thinly then using a ruler and a pizza cutter cut
thin strips of white. Add the strips of white bringing them up and
overlapping them over the curved buttercream and then trim them to the right length at
the base.
Make sure that they are evenly spaced and you can use an off cut of white to measure
the gap between each one as you add the next one.
Once you've added all of your white strips use a fondant smoother or book to gently push
on the sides to make sure your fondant is flat and stuck to the buttercream.
Add your blue fondant square that we made earlier . Then the orange candy, followed
by the giant chocolate freckle and finally your jelly bean. And you cake is ready to
Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe and join us next week for a dessert followed
by chocolate the next week and then back to cake. You can put all of your cake requests
in the comments section below. Have a great week.


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