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3D Meshes.
Scenes in Unity are created by
using 3D or polygonal meshes.
Polygonal meshes are the underpinnings
of all games made in Unity.
Whether it's a simple 2D game where the
characters are attached to a simple plane,
a complex particle system full of sprites,
or a full 3D game with animated characters -
that game will use meshes.
All objects in our game, from a simple
quad or basic plane, to a complex
3D character or environmental geometry
will be a polygonal mesh.
Polygonal meshes, or simply meshes
are created from very simple basic elements.
Points and lines.
The points are called Vertices
or Verts for short.
A single point is a Vertex.
These define a point in 3D space.
Between these points lines are drawn.
These lines are called Edges.
The edges create something called a Polygon.
which in Unity will be a triangle.
These polygons define the mesh of our object.
The meshes used in Unity
are not created in Unity.
With the exception of the basic primitive
shapes which are built in to Unity
all of the meshes that we will be using
need to be created in an external
mesh modelling application.
These mesh models, either created or
purchased will need to be imported in to
Unity for use in our scenes.
See the Mesh Import lesson linked below.


メッシュ-Unity公式チュートリアル (Meshes - Unity Official Tutorials)

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