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Colliders are a component that allows
the game object they're attached to
to react to other colliders
provided that one of the game objects
has a rigidbody component attached.
Colliders come in various shapes and types,
and are denoted in the scene view
by a green outline.
They can have the following primitive shapes:
a sphere, a capsule and a box.
For more complex shapes you have two options
You can either combine several of these
primitive shapes together by applying
primitive colliders to different objects.
in our hierarchy.
For example this workbench
has a number of objects which simply
serve to make up it's different colliders
for various areas.
The other option is to use a mesh collider,
which will fit the exact shape of the
mesh that you specify.
The workbench on the right has no hierarchy
but instead uses a mesh collider.
The reason not to use a mesh collider
is that it will fit the exact shape
of the mesh that you specify. So if you
only specify the mesh of your detailed model
then it may be providing too detailed
a collision mesh and effecting performance.
This is the reason why it's often better
to make a compound setup instead.
However it should be noted that a third
option for creating collision geometry
is to use a separate, simpler set of
geometry and still use a mesh collider.
In this example we have this complex
robot arm asset.
It's a very detailed mesh
but we don't want a mesh as complex
as this for the collisions.
So what we've done is built
a secondary set of geometry which we've
then applied to a series of mesh colliders.
For example this part of the claw is more
detailed than the collision mesh
that we've created for it.
And this has been done in two separate
FBX files -The original artwork and
a simplified set of geometry.
We've then gone through each one,
applied a mesh collider and dragged
these meshes over as the
collision meshes to use.
This means that we get the kind of accuracy
that we need in terms of collision
without the performance overhead.
When collisions occur in the game engine
one collider strikes another and an event
called OnCollisionEnter is called.
In this scene our 'prop samoflange' object
has a sphere collider component and a rigidbody component.
The rigidbody provides mass and gravity.
When I play the game, one falls down
and strikes the other.
The power cube has a box collider attached to it.
Also attached to our falling object
is this script.
This script checks for three collision events.
OnCollisionEnter, OnCollisionStay
and OnCollisionExit.
When each of these occurs it writes
to the console using Debug.Log.
It will register when Enter is called,
when Stay is occurring
and when Exit is called.
So if we look at our console you can see
that Enter is called, Stay has occurred
for a while and then Exit is called.
If we pause the game and play we can look
at this example slowly.
As I step through the frames
when the collision occurs you can see
that Enter is called, so OnCollisionEnter
has just occurred.
As I continue OnCollisionStay is occurring.
You can see on the right here that it's
happening several times because these
two colliders are still in contact.
As we continue to step through
eventually OnCollisionExit is called
when the two colliders are no longer
in contact.
Note that for an OnCollision message to
to be sent, one of the two objects colliding
must have a rigidbody component.


コライダー-Unity公式チュートリアル (Colliders - Unity Official Tutorials)

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