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- Hey, Andrew, are you and Ashley dating?
- Ashley. Well, no, but...
- Awesome, so she's single. Thanks!
I'm gonna go for it!
(upbeat music)
- Ugh. Everyone's being so creepy tonight.
If another guy comes up to me,
can you pretend to be my girlfriend?
- Yeah, if we can make out.
- (laughs) You're silly.
My neck hurts so bad.
Can you just massage right here?
- Yeah!
- It's killing me. (groans in pleasure)
- There?
- Yeah, perfect.
What did I do?
- I don't know, maybe you slept weird.
- Ugh, Andrew won't text me back.
- Well he's the worst.
- I know, I wish I was a lesbian.
I feel like it'd be easier.
Then I could date Jennifer Lawrence.
- And we both think Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift
are together, and we both love Beyonce.
We just have so much in common.
- Because you guys are friends.
- No, there's like a connection there.
- I think you guys are just friends.
Maybe, like, good friends.
- I think I'm about to get my period.
Do my boobs look big to you?
- Than usual? I don't, um...
- Yeah, they're definitely bigger.
- This is an impossible question.
- Thank you for getting the door.
- Oh, you're welcome!
- You're basically my wife.
- Aw.
- Let's go.
- Water?
- Oh, thanks. You're so sweet to me.
Why can't guys be this sweet to me?
I wish I could just date you.
I fucking hate men.
- Yeah. Yeah, they're gross.
You hate them. We hate them.
- Selfie!
(camera clicks)
- Awww!
- Perfect!
- This is bullshit.
- I know.
(upbeat music)


Things Straight Girls Do That Drive You Crazy

738 タグ追加 保存
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