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(mood music)
- Hey, do you guys want to go to lunch?
- [Woman] For sure.
- [Man] I'm starving.
- Oh my god, I love your shoes!
They're kind of like tap shoes.
- Is that a good thing?
- I mean, obviously.
- Thank you?
- You used to tap dance?
- What? No.
- I'm thinking about dying my hair.
- Oh, like Sara's?
- No, not like Sara's.
(water running)
- I'm pretty obsessed with cereal.
- Oh my god, me too, I love Serial so much.
So do you guys think Adnan actually killed her?
I just feel like he's not even capable
of something like that, you know?
- What?
- Serial, the podcast.
- Oh, no, like lucky charms.
- Oh! Sorry.
- [Man] What's that?
- Oh just a doodle, you know?
- Oh it's a reindeer, I love reindeer.
Rudolph huh? Man I love that guy.
(background chatter)
- Hey! Are you here for Allison?
- Oh no I'm just here getting some food.
- Oh, I heard they have really good burgers here.
- Oh, okay thanks.
- Oh hey Sara.
- Oh hey, I'm just getting some food.
- Oh, okay.
- [Woman] Hey - Oh.
- [Woman] Is that a cat octopus?
- Um yeah!
- It's cool, I like it.
- Oh thanks.
Do you want to have lunch?
- Oh yeah, for sure.
- Oh cool. - I'm starving.
- Let's go.


What It’s Like To Be An Outsider

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