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- Ouma condensed milk (speaking foreign language).
- Oh, my condensed milk (mumbling) biscuit?
- Yeah.
- How much alcohol is in this
because I wanna get turned.
- It's refreshing just to look at it.
- Yeah, it's just gorgeous.
- Alright.
- What do they say in South Africa, cheers?
- Cheers. - Cheers.
- This is very good.
- This is fine, whatever.
- Damn, bitters and juice.
- It's like drinking a soft gust of air.
- If you told me I was drinking alcohol right now
I would believe you.
- I would too, and I'd get fake drunk too.
- [Man in Glasses] Biltong.
It looks like cool bacon.
- It's like stained glass of meat.
- When your fingers get really shriveled from water,
this is what they feel like.
- You OK there?
- I could eat all of this.
- It's hard to get through.
- It tastes like, "It's bacon!"
What is that, Beggin' Bits?
- Oh yeah. Bacon, bacon, bacon.
Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon.
- It's like you set up to make some jerky,
but after a day you get impatient
and so you're just like, oh it's good enough.
- [Man in Brown Jacket] Peck's Anchovette.
- No, why?
- So, they're only girl anchovies in there.
- It smells like what they would feed penguins.
- Uh, this bread was so good until now.
- I like that.
- I don't.
- It just feels and tastes like pate.
- When do they eat this?
When children have been naughty?
- A bunch of fish washed up on a beach,
and then rotted there for a couple days,
and then we just ate the sand underneath it.
- Pilchards and/or mackerel and/or anchovies.
Lot of and/or's in there.
- Yeah, so we definitely just ate some dolphins.
- Rusks, that sounds so good, right, look at this,
(laughing) this little old baker woman
who's just up to no good.
That's what I imagine a prettier version
of the witch who ate Hansel and Gretel.
- It sort of looks like Diglett, like the Pokemon.
This is the evolved form of Diglett.
- Smells like those crackers you get at the pediatrician
when you were good,
and they'd be like, "Here's a delicious cracker."
- Someone had insurance.
- Cheers.
- Oh my gosh.
- Holy smokes.
- You gotta have a bite to eat this.
You have to have teeth.
- I would like to break this up
and crumble it over some ice cream.
- Oh yeah!
- I feel like I would eat this under circumstance,
but if I had a choice,
I wouldn't be like, "Give me the Oumas."
- This looks like what everything we ate becomes.
- It looks like a giant Slim Jim.
Or just like, I guess it would just be a Jim.
- This is like sausage that your grandpa forgot about.
- Oh!
- Tree bark exterior.
- Nice moss interior.
- Oh, what's that flavor?
- Woah.
- If you heat this up, you put some ketchup on it,
and maybe some mustard and a bun.
Get a pretzel bun.
- Put some anchovette on it.
- Ohh, I wouldn't do that.
- Right off the bat these remind me of
Flotsam and Jetsam, or his little evil friends.
- Is it fried?
It smells like anything that you fry in oil.
- It definitely is fried, right?
- OK, Minsby.
- Mmmmm, finally.
- These are even better than the rusks.
- Dog food.
- Kinda, right?
- Straight up dog food.
- This is (bleep) wonderful.
- What?
- Everyone loves dough.
If I could eat the Dough Boy, I would.
- [Man in Glasses] I feel like everything we ate
was something you eat when you're exceptionally drunk.
- Every single South African food is amazing.
It's so good.
- [Woman with Black Hair] This is a miracle.


Americans Try South African Snacks

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