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  • Shit students say.

  • I hate mondays!

  • Watch out, she's coming!

  • Don't pick me, don't pick me.

  • - Styblo! - Damn!

  • He's got no chance finding this cheat sheet.

  • Oh, man!

  • Stay where you were, I'm on the phone.

  • What? That test was on both sides?

  • But mom, everyone got an F.

  • Mrs. teacher!

  • - Can I have a sip, please? - Mrs. teacher!

  • Feel free to copy it from me, but I think I got it all wrong.

  • Good morning, Mrs. teacher.

  • It was due today?

  • - Today is a test?! - I don't know anything!

  • I got an A!

  • But mom, she doesn't like me.

  • I knock, you speak.

  • Mrs. teacher, can I go to the toilet?

  • Today I'm really going to study.

  • I'll study it tommorow morning in the bus.

  • Come on!

  • Don't study this, it won't be there.

  • Dude, I don't get how could she put it there.

  • One more second! Let me just finish this sen--

  • --tence.

  • The age is fourty years.

  • Look, three points.

  • Damn.

  • Kucavikova is on her period again, she's not exercising.

  • What? That wasn't me!

  • Man, somebody shit their pants here!

  • Three,

  • two,

  • one...

  • Lunch time!

  • Styblo, Meldik, come to my cabinet.

Shit students say.


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