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  • This is you in college

  • Were you ever good at sports?

  • we don't know

  • but the daily 4 a.m burrito haven't help

  • you ok?

  • she looks better in track shorts than literally anything else.

  • come on baby

  • you can do it

  • Ten more yards to touchdown!

  • However no matter what the activity

  • You'll always end up in the same way

  • wheezing

  • dowie

  • And begging her to slow down

  • you hate places like this

  • never mind

  • you love places like this

  • I love places like this

  • your friend is promoter

  • or DJ

  • whichever is cooler

  • you're funny

  • Is there non-alphabetical difference

  • between E & X ?

  • Cut to six weeks later

  • You're out of money, too tired

  • And have no idea what your pants are made of

  • wake up

  • I know the bouncer at the Prolaps.

  • You wouldn't give up this nap

  • for all the coked-up sex in the world.

  • Happy dinosaur ridding

  • Face it, you're a nice guy

  • Did you call all these beers?

  • But to her, you're James Dean with Wolverine claws.

  • It fun to play a crazy guy

  • but no crazy like real repressed crazy

  • Not tonight ?

  • No

  • Fine!

  • The worse parts ?

  • She still going to wake you up for 8 a.m. mass

  • This is it

  • The perfect tan

  • What years of television,print advertising and internet porn have taught you.

  • Baby

  • You're not using the couple's wallpaper I gave you?

  • Why you?

  • because she saw a Wes Anderson's trailer once

  • and thinks you're a corky

  • Who cars

  • Look at her

  • How long will it last ?

  • Once your talents for crippling insecurities and Kesha

  • You watching Teen Mom without me!

  • You just like my dad 你就像我爸

  • You'll keep a picture of her to show to friends

  • She'll not

  • She is not girl

  • You driving like my flappy virginia

  • And all you're doing is wondering what she is doing there with you

  • You're the one with Liberal Art degree

This is you in college


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