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Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a princess... rap battle!
Let the rap battle begin!
Another princess in my shadow come to covet my crown
You clowns wanna throw down with the best in the gown?
I'm the legendary story of rags to riches,
Rhymes sharper than a needle, and I'm giving out stitches. Ha!
Like a wilting rose, you can't step to my flows.
These girls are trippin'. Did they cut off their toes?
I deserve all the praise, for the foot-fetish craze.
I've got itty bitty kicks but legs for days.
Let's look at your mentality.
Freud loves you abnormality.
The Stockholm Syndrome Story: Beauty and Bestiality.
Of course you're bitter. I'm the number one star!
Pumpkin carriage, perfect marriage.
No one cares who you are!
What's my name?
What's it mean?
I'm the perfect combination of brains and booty.
While I'm gaining the knowledge, you're losing your pumps.
Like Mrs. Potts I'm serving shots and dishing out lumps.
Cindy's dreaming she's important
Well, somebody should wake her.
This gold-digging trophy wife's the royal baby maker.
Fear the nerdy, wordy princess
'cause I'm throwin' more shade than the willow tree growing on your dead mother's grave!
Your tale as old as time sets us back fifty years.
Do your chores, clean your floors, 'til a man just appears?
You're shallow and obsessed with looks and how you're dressed.
You wanna live like Gaston?
Please, be our guest.
Oh, I'm the one who's shallow 'cause your prince was really hairy?
The Beast was in the friend zone 'til he gave you his library.
Your points have no merit.
You're jealous. Declare it!
Like I've always said, "If the shoe fits, wear it."
I'm the American dream with the fairytale wedding.
You've got teapots for friends and I think your man's shedding.
Some things are meant to be, like love at first sight.
He was mine before midnight.
A relationship rookie wants to rap about romance?
You can't fall in love after just one dance.
My prince saved my life, and don't be misled.
I want a man in the street, but a beast in the bed.
Your film stars mice and cats with an old, fat fairy.
Your silly story shoehorned into freakin' "Tom and Jerry."
You say you wanna party next you run off down the halls.
It's like you always choke once you make it to the balls.
You think that's funny?
Here's a history lesson, honey.
My movie saved the studio when Walt was out of money.
You followed in my footsteps. Without me there's no you.
Disney built an empire on these tiny glass shoes.
If you're so adored, where's your Academy Award?
I'm the smart female heroine that can't be ignored.
The moral of our quarrel and why I've got you beat.
It's what's inside that matters, not the size of your feet.



CINDERELLA vs BELLE: Princess Rap Battle (Sarah Michelle Gellar & Whitney Avalon)

22837 タグ追加 保存
Lily Chou 2015 年 4 月 30 日 に公開
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