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  • Hi, so because I'm lazy, whenever a friend of mine has gone outside I ask

  • "Hey, did you just come from outside?" Yes, and the weirdest thing happened

  • I bumped into that girl... Yeah whatever! What's the weather like outside?

  • Is it warm? Is it cold? Do I need to bring a jumper? Should I bring a jacket?

  • I can't tell, or it's okay to just wear a t-shirt. Tell me cause I don't want to be uncomfortable.

  • Cause you know, checking the weather myself is just too much effort. Why don't you just

  • google it? You're in front of the laptop.

  • Cause I'm busy... looking up Jessica Alba hairstyles 2014

  • Why last year? When did it become 2015?

  • But the thing is all I actually wanna know is do I need any more layers of clothing.

  • Because whenever I do that thing when you stick your hand out to see if it's cold outside

  • I just don't trust it. What's it like outside? Is it warm? Is it cold? Should I bring a jumper?

  • Because let's face it the hand is not a reliable source.

  • It's what you use to test the bath water.

  • And we all know how that goes down. That feels nice.

  • No~~~ because when I look at the weather report, I just see numbers that is

  • this abstract reference and then I try to remember other days but it was like

  • 18 degrees and what that felt like

  • 18, what does 18 feel like. What was the weather that day last week?

  • Was it 18? What was I wearing? This isn't a real memory now. You made this up.

  • You don't sit near pools as if you would remember the weather anyway.

  • which got me thinking: this is how weather reports should be.

  • And for Natalie at home the weather outside is what you would consider kinda cold

  • Don't listen to Amy. She is "ridonculous." What you need to bring is your grey jumper.

  • Not the grey jumper that you know you usually wear around the house.

  • The grey jumper you bought that time in the city and you had frozen yogurt afterwards.

  • That one would be enough. But if you gonna stay outside,

  • it's gonna get a little bit chilly, so maybe should bring your black jumper with the hole in the back.

  • And don't worry, no one will see the hole. Excellent!

  • And the reporters could do that thing that they do now, that they go outside to prove the weather so you can see it,

  • except they do it in your clothes.

  • Now I'm outside and just to prove it to Natalie

  • I'm gonna wear her t-shirt and it's still cold. It's very cold that so I recommend

  • this cardigan that you just bought.

  • Let me see. Now this is good.

  • Yeah I'm comfortable, yeah wear this today. Yeah, I know. I'm being dramatic but I'm a huge wuss if it's cold

  • And I just always end up standing next to warm air when we go outside.

  • Ah, can you feel that? There's warm air coming from the vent. It's so warm. I'm gonna stay here.

  • - Ah, cool. but we have to go to dinner in there. - Just go without me I'll be here when you get back.

  • Just go.

  • I know, first world first world problems. I'm too warm and now I'm too cold.

  • I wish I didn't have to carry a sweater with me. It weighs so much!

  • I'll tell you what kids. Life is hard when it's not hard.

  • Yeah, anyway I hope you guys well. Thank you for watching my last two videos, by the way,

  • one of them was about TV binging

  • and the other one was a talk. I really appreciate you guys sitting through that one and

  • for your lovely comments on both. I'll mention some those in "Porno Music Slash Comment Time".

  • I hope you guys have been really well and yep it's actually been

  • freezing here. I don't know how people survive

  • in this kinda weather. Sorry I should stop talking about weather

  • I know what what my weather report should say right now and at this point of the video

  • you should probably stop cuz everyone's getting bored. I agree with that.

  • And I hope you guys are well.

  • and I'll see you soon, bye.

Hi, so because I'm lazy, whenever a friend of mine has gone outside I ask


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天気予報はどうあるべきか (How Weather Reports Should Be)

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