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  • I've got a new EWOD for you guys today from Skills Language Academy here in Taiwan.

  • Once again, my name is Kevin. Today's EWOD is pretty easy, we're talking about "this/that/these/those"

  • and when to use them. Pretty easy stuff.

  • First of all, they break down pretty much into two categories, singular and plural.

  • First of all, what is singular and plural? Singular is just a fancy word for saying "one".

  • Plural is just a fancy word for saying "2 or more".

  • So this is the difference between"a book" or "1 book" and "2 books" or "3 book" or "4 books".

  • So when do we use "this" and when do we use "that"?

  • "This" is going to be for singular.

  • The word "this" is used for singular when something is close to us.

  • I have a ball right here, if this ball is close to me, so I'm going to say "this ball".

  • But if it's far away, now I say "that ball".

  • Ok, so for things that are far away and there is only one of them, we use "that".

  • Alright, now let's talk about "these" and "those".

  • Kind of the same thing but now "these"and "those" are going to be for plural objects.

  • So I have two balls now. Because they are close to me, I'm gonna use "these".

  • I'm gonna say "these balls". But again if they are far away, I'm going to say "those balls".

  • So once again, if it's close and I have two, I say "these".

  • If they're far away, I say "those balls".

  • So that's pretty much it for the EWOD - "this/that/these/those".

  • Just remember singular and near use "this",

  • singular and far use "that",

  • plural and near use "these"

  • and plural and far use "those".

  • Alright, now for your homework, in the comments below, I want you to make one sentence

  • using"this", one sentence using "that", one sentence using "these", and one sentence using "those".

  • So that will be 4 sentences total.

  • That's it for today's EWOD. Thanks for watching, I'll catch you next time.

I've got a new EWOD for you guys today from Skills Language Academy here in Taiwan.


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EWOD#9 - this/that/these/these/these (demonstrative代名詞/形容詞) (EWOD#9 - this / that / these / those (Demonstrative Pronouns/Adjectives))

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