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  • Hi. My name is Benjamin. Have you ever had a problem when you didn't quite have the words


  • to say to someone when talking in English? I have that when I'm trying to speak French.


  • So in one of my earlier lessons, I was talking about trying to buy a train ticket in London.


  • Imagine that the man says back to me, "Where do I want to go?" I don't know the name of

    男が "どこに行きたい?"と言い返してきたと想像してみてください。名前は知らない

  • the train station, so I say, "It sort of -- it's sort of got a big wheel. It's got a big wheel,


  • and it's in London. It's like -- it's, like, in the middle of the map. It's kind of busy,


  • busy place in the middle of London." Trying to describe. So I can use "sort of"; I can

    ロンドンの真ん中の賑やかな場所」説明しようとしているだから "sort of" を使うことができます。

  • use "like"; and I can use "kind of" and then try and describe it. Okay?

    "like "を使って、"kind of "を使って、それを説明しようとすることができます。いいですか?

  • So the man, he then says to me, "Do you mean the airport, son?" And I'm like, "No. No.

    その男が私に言ったんだ "空港のことか、息子?"私は「違う、違う」と言った。

  • Not the airport. I want to go to -- I can't remember the name. No, actually..." So these

    空港じゃない行きたいんだけど...名前が思い出せない。いや 実は...それでこれらの

  • are all ways of showing a different opinion. "Actually, no. It's in the middle of London.


  • It's by a big river. The river Thames. Or I could say, "as a matter of fact, no. I don't


  • want to go to the airport." Or, "To be honest, I want to stay in the center. It's Zone 1."

    に行きたい""正直言ってセンターにいたい "とか"ゾーン1だから"

  • Okay? Or a very similar way of saying "to be honest" would be "to be frank". It means

    いいですか?"to be honest "の非常に似た言い方は "to be frank "になりますこれは

  • "honest" as well. So I could say, "To be frank with you, I want to go to the place with the

    "素直に "というのもなので、「率直に言うと、私は

  • big wheel and the river." Okay? Or, "In fact, I really want to go to the place with the


  • national theatre." Okay? Or last one, "The fact of the matter is I'm not going to the


  • airport now." Okay? These are all ways of showing opinions. "Actually", "as a matter

    "今すぐ空港へ"いいですか?これらは全て意見を示す方法です"実際に" "問題として

  • of fact", "to be honest". This one is really juicy, nice one, "the fact of the matter is".

    of fact」「正直に言うと」。これは本当にジューシーでいいですね。"the fact of the matter is" "事実は

  • You'll sound very important if you say that.


  • So the man, he still doesn't understand. What else do I have to say to him to get him to


  • understand me? So I could say, "Well, how shall I put it? Uh, it's got a huge wheel."


  • Or, "What's the word I'm looking for? Um..." It's "Waterloo", by the way. Or, "How can

    とか、「私が探している言葉は何ですか?えーと..."ウォータールー "です。または、「どうやって

  • I explain this? It's on the black train line. It's on the northern line. It's right in the


  • middle." Okay? Similar to there -- other ways of, kind of, explaining it, trying to find


  • the meaning.


  • The trainman, he's getting very annoyed with me, and he starts shouting at me. So I take

    電車屋さんは私のことがとてもイライラしていて 怒鳴り散らし始めましただから私は

  • cover. That was a very nasty thing to say. I'm now very upset with this man. These are


  • little introductions to threats, to arguments, to entering an argument. Okay?

    脅迫や議論の紹介を少ししただけで 議論に入ることができますいいですか?

  • "What's the best way to put this? You are very unhelpful." "You are an idiot." Or less


  • aggressive, I could say, "What I'm trying to say is you are a bad ticket man, and I


  • just want to go to my favourite place in London." Or, "Now, let me put it this way. If you continue,

    "ロンドンのお気に入りの場所に行きたい"あるいは "さて、こう言ってみましょう。続けるのであれば

  • I will go to your boss." Okay? So these are little pauses while I think of what I'm going


  • to say next. "What's the best way to put this?" To put. "To put", there, means "to say". "What's

    次に言うこと。"何を置くのが一番いいのか?"To put(置く)。"To put "は、そこでは「言う」という意味です。"What's

  • the best way to say this?" "What I'm trying to say is..." And "now". "Now" is quite a

    "何が言いたいのか?""私が言いたいのは..."そして "今 "です。"今 "というのは、かなり

  • control word. If I say "now", then I have the control of the conversation.


  • Over to here. Brian, my ticket man, now starts yapping, talking. So I need him to stop. Okay?


  • So I say, "Now, look here, Brian. I want my ticket." Or, "Right, then, Brian. That's great,

    だから私はこう言ったんだ "ブライアン、見てくれ"チケットが欲しい""それじゃ ブライアンそれはいいね。

  • but..." okay? Or -- Brian is still talking. I say, "Okay. That's fine, Brian, but I just

    でも...それとも...ブライアンはまだ話してる私は "わかった "と言うブライアン、それはいいんだが、俺はただ...

  • want to go to -- and now, I remember. I remember. Waterloo, the place with the big wheel and

    行きたいところに...そして思い出した。思い出したワーテルロー 大車輪のある場所と

  • the river. Thank you." So these are all ways of thinking about what you're saying, and then


  • you say it. Okay? Great. Thanks for watching the video, and do take part in the quiz. Bye.

    お前が言うんだいいですか?いいわよビデオを見てくれてありがとう クイズに参加してねじゃあね

  • I'm off to Waterloo.


Hi. My name is Benjamin. Have you ever had a problem when you didn't quite have the words


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