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  • There was once a man who planted a vineyard,

    ある時ある人が ブドウ園を作った

  • Rented it out to some tenants, and then left home for a long time.

    それを農夫たちに貸して 長い間旅に出た

  • When the time came to gather the grapes,


  • he sent a slave to the tenants,


  • to receive from them his share of the harvest.

    収穫の分け前を 受け取ろうとしたが

  • But the tenants beat the slave and sent him back without a thing.

    農夫たちはしもべを 袋叩きにして追い返した

  • So he sent another slave. but the tenants beat him, too,

    別のしもべを遣わしたが 彼も袋叩きにし

  • treated him shamefully and sent him back without a thing.

    辱め 何も持たせず 送り帰した

  • Then he sent a third slave.


  • But the tenants wounded him, too, and threw him out.

    農夫らはこのしもべにも 傷を追わせ追い返した

  • Then the owner of the vineyard said to himself,

    そこで ブドウ園の主人は考えた

  • What shall I do? I will send my own dear son.

    「さてどうしよう  よし愛する息子を送ろう」

  • Surely they will respect him.


  • But when the tenants saw him coming,


  • they said to one another,


  • This is the owner's son.


  • Let's kill him and his property will be ours.


  • Tell us more, Lord!

    農夫たちは息子を追い出し 殺してしまった

  • So they threw him out of the vineyard, and killed him.

    ブドウ園の主人は 農夫たちをどうするだろう?

  • What, then, will the owner of the vineyard do to those tenants?

    戻って来て 彼らを討ち滅ぼし

  • He will come and kill those men

    ブドウ園を他の者に 与えてしまうだろう

  • and give the vineyard over to other tenants.


  • What, then, does this Scripture mean?


  • The stone which the builders rejected as worthless,


  • Turned out to be the most important stone of all.

    誰でもこの石の上に 落ちれば粉々に砕け

  • Everyone who falls on that stone will be cut to pieces.


  • And if that stone falls on someone,


  • it will crush him to dust.

There was once a man who planted a vineyard,

ある時ある人が ブドウ園を作った


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JESUS (English) イエスのぶどう園の譬え話とテナントたち (JESUS (English) Jesus' Parable of the Vineyard & Tenants)

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