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  • I am writing to you, dear Theophilus;


  • an orderly account of the things that have taken place among us,

    すべてのことを順序正しく あなたにお伝えします

  • so that you may know the absolute truth about everything.

    すでに聞いていることを 十分知っていただくためです

  • In the days when Caesar Augustus was emperor of Rome

    シーザー・アウグストが ローマの皇帝で

  • and when Herod the great was king of Judea,

    ヘロデ大王が ユダヤの王であったとき

  • God sent the angel Gabriel to visit a virgin girl in the city of Nazareth.

    神はナザレの街の一人の処女のところに 天使ガブリエルを遣わした

  • And the virgin's name was Mary.

    その処女の名は マリアであった

  • Fear not Mary,


  • For you have found favor with God.

    あなたは 神の恵みを受けたのです

  • You will conceive and give birth to a Son

    あなたは 男の子を産みます

  • and you will call His name, Jesus.

    その子の名を イエスとつけなさい

  • How can this be? I am a virgin.

    そんなことが 私は処女です

  • The Holy Spirit will come upon you.


  • For this reason the Holy Child will be called


  • the Son of the Most High God. His kingdom will never end.


  • So Mary traveled to a town in Judea

    そこでマリアは 親戚のエリサベツを訪ねた

  • to visit her cousin Elizabeth who was also miraculously with child.


  • Elizabeth!


  • Mary! Cousin Mary!


  • You are the most blessed of all women.


  • And blessed is the Child you will bear.


  • For as soon as I heard your greeting, the baby within me jumped with joy!

    あなたの声を聞くやいなや お腹の子が喜び踊ったのよ

  • My soul magnifies the Lord,


  • and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.

    私の霊は 救い主なる神をたたえます

  • From now on, all generations will call me blessed.

    人々は私を 幸せものと呼ぶでしょう

  • Know all men of Nazareth,


  • that by command of Caesar Augustus,


  • there will be conducted a census


  • of the subject territories of Galilee and Judea.


  • All men must register forthwith

    ガリラヤとユダヤの者も ただちに

  • in the towns and cities of their ancestral birth.

    自分の故郷に帰り 住民登録をせよ

  • And Mary went to Bethlehem in Judea

    マリアも 婚約者のヨセフと共に――

  • to register with Joseph her betrothed.

    登録のため ベツレヘムに向かった

  • But there was no room for them in Bethlehem.

    だがベツレヘムには 彼らの宿はなく

  • And the only lodging they could find was a humble stable.

    家畜小屋に 泊まるしかなかった

  • Now there were some shepherds in that part of the country who were

    その夜 羊飼いたちが――

  • taking care of their flock at night when an angel of God appeared to them

    野宿で羊の番をしていた すると主の御使(みつか)いが現われ

  • and the glory of God was shining around them.

    主の栄光が 辺りを照らした

  • This very day in David's town, your Savior was born,

    今日ダビデの町で 救い主が生まれました

  • Christ the Lord.

    この方こそ 主キリストです

  • The shepherds hurried to see the newborn Babe in the manger,

    羊飼いたちは その赤ん坊を捜しあて

  • and were the first to spread the Good News or Gospel

    救い主誕生の知らせを 人々に告げる――

  • of the virgin mother and the Savior's birth.


I am writing to you, dear Theophilus;



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JESUS (日本語) イエスの誕生 (JESUS (English) The Birth of Jesus)

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