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字幕表 動画を再生する

  • Unplugged Actvity | Graph Paper Programming

  • (Kiki Prottsman - Thinkersmith) In graph paper programming, we help explain

  • how coding works by trying to help people

  • recreate drawings using only arrows and scribbles.

  • One person, is given a small drawing on graph paper

  • and they need to go through using only specific arrows

  • and try to describe how to recreate that drawing.

  • In this activity, the only symbols you can use are these:

  • move one square forward,

  • one square backward,

  • move one square up,

  • move one square down,

  • change to next color and

  • fill in your square with color.

  • Once we have that coded up, we can hand it off to another person

  • who can read the code and try and recreate picture.

Unplugged Actvity | Graph Paper Programming


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グラフペーパープログラミング - アンプラグド活動 (Graph Paper Programming - unplugged activity)

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