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  • Unplugged Activity | Computational Thinking

  • (Katie Apone - The lesson on computational thinking

  • is intended to teach you how to take a big, difficult problem,

  • and break it down into several simpler problems.

  • The goal in this lesson is to write a set of instructions

  • that someone can follow to draw one of the monsters

  • included in this lesson plan.

  • Students will break into groups to write instructions

  • and then will switch them with another group

  • that will have to draw the monster.

  • Groups will write instructions

  • using the four steps of computational thinking:

  • decomposition

  • pattern location

  • abstraction

  • algorithms

  • First, groups will decompose the task,

  • which means make a game plan.

  • Then they'll look for patterns between all the monsters in the catalog.

  • When they come across differences between the monsters

  • they'll abstract out, or remove, those details.

  • For instance, one monster in the catalog has vegitas eyes

  • and another has spritem eyes,

  • but they both have eyes.

  • So we can write a line that says, "This monster has _blank_ eyes."

  • So students will be able to write a set of instructions,

  • called an algorithm, that lists the monster's parts

  • with blanks for what the style should be.

  • This is the set of instructions they'll pass to

  • other students to recreate their very own monster.

Unplugged Activity | Computational Thinking


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計算思考 - プラグインされていない活動 (Computational Thinking - unplugged activity)

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