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The fun part about doing tow-ins on a wake board is the challenge of all the variables.
There's so many things that have to line up perfectly for you to be able to get the right
wind, get the right speed, hit the lip just at the right time, air, and then land back
in the wave. But when you get it, the feeling that you get is just like nothing else. Shane's
waves are crazy, some of his first ones, he would just come in so fast, with so much speed
on his tow side, and then there was this one time just like, gapped this little section
and dropped back in, pumped the wave a couple of times, got a little barrel, came back out,
and just to see like the speed was just amazing. That was sick, man. That second wave was so
big, I was scared. Danny was with me and that thing was over my head. I have never been
on a wave over my head on my wakeboard before. Having a good ski driver in the surf is crucial.
You definitely need somebody that has knowledge of how a wave works, and where to put the
rider. I've definitely been out a few times and you're kind of yelling back and forth
with the driver, like "put me there, I want to be there." But really, there's just like,
such miscommunication, but once you kind of get it to click, it works. When we first started
and I whipped Danny in, like the first wave, I kind of didn't put him in the right spot,
and then he's like, you know, "put me here," so the next few waves, just put him in the
right spot. Then you get out there and you have someone else drive, it's just, sometimes
it just takes a while to make things work, but when you make it work, and it clicks,
things happen. When the waves die down a little bit in Ballina, we decided to just mess around
and decided to ride behind the truck a little bit. Yeah, dude, Danny just came up with a
sick idea. I think this is kind of the perfect set up for it. We're going to rally the truck
down the beach and just carve in the shore break. At the end of the day, we got some
pretty rad stuff, stuff that's never been done on wakeboards before, so it was a really
inspiring trip, and a lot of fun.


Danny Harf & Shane Bonifay: DEFY Wakeboard Tow-In Wave Surfing

1065 タグ追加 保存
Chi Yeh 2015 年 4 月 16 日 に公開
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