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  • Oh girl, this is agony

  • I wish you were into me

  • But no...

  • I friendzoned you...

  • I want you here with me whenever I'm sad

  • But you'll never get to take me to bed

  • Sorry that the feelings aren't mutual

  • Take or leave it, 'cause I've friendzoned you

  • I friendzoned you...

  • [Bring the beat back!]

  • I friendzoned you...

  • So now, can you see it too?

  • That this guy is no good for you

  • [uh] No... won't listen to me...

  • No matter how much you see it

  • Oh, no you're still with that dick!

  • He treats you like shit!

  • But to me you saaay

  • I friendzoned you...

Oh girl, this is agony


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ナイトコア - FriendZoned (Nightcore - FriendZoned)

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    趙晟竹 に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日