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  • In this American English pronunciation video,

  • we're going to go over the pronunciation of the word 'issue'.

  • This week's Word of the Week is 'issue'. Thanks so much to the fan who suggested it.

  • This is a two-syllable word with stress on the first syllable. Issue. DA-da.

  • Make sure the second syllable is shorter than the first

  • so we get that nice rhythmic contrast. Issue.

  • This word only has three sounds in it.

  • It begins with the IH as in SIT vowel,

  • so you need a little bit of jaw drop for that sound, IH, IH.

  • Otherwise, it sounds too much like EE. IH, IH.

  • My lips might start moving for the SH sound even as I'm making the IH sound. Ish-, ish-.

  • To make the SH sound, the teeth come together and the lips flare.

  • The tongue is lifting here, but it's not actually touching the roof of the mouth.

  • To finish, we have the OO as in BOO vowel, issue, issue,

  • where the tongue will lift in the back.

  • The tongue tip stays here, pressing behind the bottom of the front teeth, issue.

  • And the lips will round. So they were flared,

  • now they come in and round a little bit. Issue, issue.

  • It isn't an issue.

  • Here it is in slow motion.

  • If there's a word you find difficult to pronounce, suggest it in the comments.

  • That's it, and thanks so much for using Rachel's English.

In this American English pronunciation video,


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ISSUEの発音の仕方 -- レイチェルの英語 -- アメリカ英語 (How to Pronounce ISSUE -- Rachel's English -- American English)

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