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You know, an important part of your game has got to be the ball handling. And, whenever
you're doing that ball handling you've got to do drills and practice in order to get
good at it. Hi, I'm Travis, and I'm going to show you just how to perfect and get better
at ball handling, in seven minutes a day. Number one, what I'm going to do is, I'm going
to split each one. I'm going to split seven drills and you dedicate one minute to each
one of those drills everyday, you're guaranteed to get better. Alright, the first ball handling
drill I want to show you is, once you have the ball, you want to take the ball, bring
it down below your ankles, start down below your ankles, and go around your ankle, waist,
head, waist, ankle, waist, head, waist, ankle, and you just go faster, and faster, kind of
like this. And, you might want to do that for, if you have a timer try that for thirty
seconds, and then after you get that for thirty seconds, have someone time you, and you do
the exact same thing, just the opposite direction, going this way. Next, after you do that for thirty seconds,
move onto the next drill. The next drill will be the tip, fingertip drill. What you want
to do is, you want to make sure you get a good feel for the ball, so you tip the ball,
back and forth, raise it up higher and higher. Try that for let's say thirty seconds. Then
take maybe a couple seconds rest and on top of that you might want to do the next, the
next rep might be a little shorter, because your arms will obviously be tired. So, try
that next rep, let's say you give yourself ten seconds rest, try that next rep for twenty
seconds. Do this for twenty seconds, give yourself, once you stop give yourself that
little rest, then move onto the next drill. Next drill will be for ball handling, another
important part of ball handling is dribbling. So, you might want to work on your crossover
dribble. So, just crossover, dribble back, forth, back, forth, back and forth and you
do that for around thirty seconds. Get faster and faster, and lower and lower. The lower
you get, the better you are at it. The better you are at it, the lower you get. Now, after
you do two reps of that for thirty seconds, you move onto the next one. The next one will
be the figure eight drill, which you go between your legs, figure eight, try that way and
then reverse it and go the other way, thirty seconds a piece. The next one will be probably
figure eight dribble, which take the ball, dribble between your legs in the same motion.
Try it one way, and then go back the other direction. So, you can come up with a couple
of other drills, for example: instead of the tap drill, squeezing it. Try that thirty seconds
one way, and thirty seconds again for the finish up rep. And, the last one you want
to do, is you want to try and just get one, one ball, maybe have a defensive man and work
on simply dribbling. Dribbling up and down the court. There you have it, seven minutes
ball handling.


Basketball Tips : How to Improve Basketball Ball Handling Skills

2070 タグ追加 保存
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