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  • >> RYAN: Today, I'm gonna do something that every kid around the world would love to do

  • I'm gonna walk around London and check out all the sights where Harry Potter was filmed

  • First stop on the Harry Potter tour is Diagon Alley

  • well actually, it's not really called Diagon Alley it's just the inspiration for the film here

  • an alley full of old bookshops and a lot of the bookshops are full of books of magic and potions

  • >> GUIDE: And so the visitors entrance through the Ministry of Magic of the Order of the Phoenix

  • and that was the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron

  • >> RYAN: I am learning a lot of fun stuff and more than just learning about Harry Potter

  • I'm seeing the great city of London and our tour guide is pointing out everything that has to do with London

  • so it's not just Harry Potter, it's everything

  • Not only are we walking around the city today

  • but we're jumping on boats

  • we're heading across the Thames River now

  • >> GUIDE: here is Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

  • in the books the bridge which was destroyed is called Brockdale bridge

  • but the Millennium Bridge was used because apparently it's the easiest bridge to destroy using CGI

  • >> RYAN: I'm back on solid ground and it's time to check out more film locations from Harry Potter

  • >> TRAVELER: I've been a Harry Potter fan pretty much the beginning so it's pretty fun to actually be here

  • >> RYAN: This is Leadenhall Market and it was in the first film

  • and it actually looks like a movie set but it's a real place

  • This is awesome, walking, boats, and now the tube or the subway

  • to check out the final chapter of the Harry Potter tour

  • this is the famous railway station where Harry Potter and all of his buds would get on the train

  • and go to school in Scotland

  • this is so cool I didn't know this existed in real life

  • Platform nine and three quarters

  • this is quite a spot for a photo there huh?

  • I absolutely enjoyed this Harry Potter tour I had a good time good things.

>> RYAN: Today, I'm gonna do something that every kid around the world would love to do


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ハリー・ポッター・ウォーキング・ツアー・オブ・ロンドン (Harry Potter Walking Tour of London)

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