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Hello you lovely Food Tubers, okay so Jamie Oliver here. I've got a beautiful
beautiful fresh seasonal strawberry ice cream.
It's a brilliant cheat. You're gonna love this recipe it takes about forty five seconds
it's all about strawberries, cream, Pimms
it's gonna be great
I'm going to go in
with about 500grams
of frozen strawberries, i want about the same quantity of yoghurt and we're going to sweeten it with
some honey
so just about a nice tablespoon
of honey goes in as well.
Okay, very, very simple
We're just going to whizz that
Right, you can see what's happening here, is that basically smashing them strawberries
into like a little ice.
So quick,
so refreshing. A little thimble of Pimms,
that's really really good
A nice little tip, get yourself a spoon put it in hot water and then just scoop it through the
ice cream
and that will just turn into the most beautiful, home made icecream.
No cream, no milk
just fat-free yogurt, honey
the beautiful strawberries. It's that really clean honest flavor
Oh, that is really good.
The Pimms is so good in it!
Sorry! Oh, it's so refreshing. I love it.
Let me show you a couple of easy things to do
with it
Um, so first up
bog standard
beautiful scoop
of ice cream
what more would you want apart from two three of those. Right, then
i'm thinking
a meringue
and smash the top off like that. Put that in thee.
Bust it in, that goes in
Get some nice balsamic vinegar and just a little bit
don't think I'm mad. it's a lovely desert every
time to deliver
on texture and flavor
and last but not least
We'll get a load of shortbread
and then by magic a tea towel
just lands in your hand like that, that's how we roll in Food Tube and then
here, look at this. So look what we've got here
We've got beautiful little
shortbread breadcrumbs. We're going to come back in. Come here mister cameraman.
This beautiful strawberry ice cream and
look at that come on
cover it
with this
and that, is like the most kind of wonderful and weird, delightful sort of deconstructed
sort of crumble ever!
So there you go guys, a simple, super quick. And I've got my three expressions
And I've got my three expressions here, the straight forward
the meringue, playing on a Eton Mess, and a shortbread smashed up kind of a play on
sort of like strawberries and cream
If you've got any ideas what to do. I know my wife would melt or shave or grate chocolate over that,
she would love that. What would you like with it, what would you do with that?
Let us know in comments box below we love it
when you share stuff and tell us what to do
Because that's why we're here.
We're hooking up with the wimbledon YouTube channels. So go and check those guys
out. Hit the link, see what they're doing it's to be brilliant before and after the tennis
Take care guys, thanks very much.


How to make a 45 Second Ice Cream | Jamie Oliver

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