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  • Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Aatrox, the Darkin Blade.

  • Aatrox is a melee fighter who specializes in strong initiation and in-fight sustain.

  • As a health-based caster, Aatrox relies on dealing heavy damage to stay alive.

  • His powerful combination of sustain and crowd control effects make him an ideal choice for solo lanes or the jungle.

  • Aatrox’s passive, Blood Well, draws on the health cost of his abilities.

  • As the bar fills, it grants additional attack speed. If Aatrox leaves combat, his blood total slowly decays over time.

  • Additionally, when Aatrox takes fatal damage, he becomes untargetable while he heals from the blood stored in his Blood Well.

  • If Blood Well is on cooldown, Aatrox still gains attack speed, though the bar turns grey to indicate the revive is on cooldown.

  • Dark Flight is Aatrox’s primary initiation ability.

  • On use, he flies up and dives to target location, dealing area of effect damage on impact.

  • Enemies within the smaller circle of the cast indicator are knocked up.

  • It’s important to note that displacement spells can knock Aatrox out of his cast animation,

  • but stun or root effects will only take place after he’s landed at his target location.

  • Aatrox has two battle stances that passively affect every third basic attack he makes.

  • When using Blood Price, the affected attack deals bonus damage at the cost of health.

  • When using Blood Thirst, the third attack will heal him instead.

  • When Aatrox is below half health, the healing effect on his basic attacks increases,

  • making him a deceptively tanky duelist as his health wears down.

  • Switching stances doesn’t reset or delay his attack animations,

  • so you can even switch between Blood Price and Blood Thirst mid-swing if you want.

  • In early game, Blades of Torment serves as Aatrox’s primary damage ability.

  • Sending twin blades out in a targeted direction, Blades of Torment damages and slows all enemies it hits.

  • Be careful when aiming this ability, because the hitbox gets narrower as the blades come to a point.

  • Aatrox’s ultimate is Massacre.

  • On use, Massacre damages nearby enemy champions and grants Aatrox bonus attack range and attack speed.

  • While it’s easy to think of Massacre as a basic nuke and steroid,

  • remember that the bonus attack speed synergizes with Blood Thirst to give Aatrox a lot more in-fight durability.

  • In solo lanes, Aatrox makes an excellent duelist who can constantly force skirmishes with his lane opponent without having to go back to base.

  • Here he combos a primed Blood Price with Blades of Torment to trade attacks with the enemy Zed before recovering with Blood Thirst.

  • Blood Thirst allows Aatrox to cycle between heavy aggression and healing without relying solely on potions.

  • Both Aatrox and Jayce are forced to retreat after a fight, but Aatrox is able to recover much more quickly by toggling Blood Thirst.

  • Thanks to his high innate sustain, Aatrox can apply tremendous pressure by forcing his opponents to burn through health potions or return to base.

  • Blood Well and Dark Flight allow Aatrox to escape from situations that would spell death for most other champions.

  • Xin Zhao surprises Aatrox at the tri-brush, but Aatrox is able to escape to the turret after reviving.

  • Aatrox also excels at setting up ganks for his jungler using Dark Flight and Blades of Torment.

  • Here Jayce gets a little too aggressive, allowing Aatrox to get off his full knock-up and slow combo.

  • His strong initiation helps Shyvana to easily jump into the fight and assist the kill.

  • As long as he’s allowed to attack and use abilities, Aatrox can survive through tons of incoming damage.

  • Wukong gets off a full damage combo and ultimate,

  • but Aatrox is able to sustain through the entire fight through Blood Thirst and the attack speed bonus from Massacre.

  • Against enemies with a dash or jump, take care not to use Dark Flight too carelessly.

  • Here Aatrox uses Dark Flight prematurely, despite knowing Ahri has a third dash.

  • This lets her kite easily while dealing free damage, forcing him to retreat.

  • On the defensive, Aatrox can also dodge skillshots thanks to the quick ascension and cast speed on Dark Flight.

  • In this fight, Aatrox reacts to an Ezreal Mystic Shot by quickly jumping into the air with Dark Flight to stay just out of harm’s way.

  • The combination of Dark Flight and Massacre make Aatrox an excellent addition to an area of effect team composition.

  • Here he quickly follows up on Ashe’s arrow to knock Lulu into the air and catch the enemy team with his ultimate.

  • Afterward Nami, Orianna and Volibear join the fight as he cleans up with the bonus attack speed and range from Massacre.

  • Aatrox also excels as both a primary initiator and disruptive damage dealer.

  • By diving into Miss Fortune with Dark Flight, Aatrox cancels her ultimate and finishes her off with the help of Quinn.

  • Because Blood Well’s up, the enemy team knows Aatrox is the hardest target to kill, so they target his team instead.

  • Unfortunately for them, Aatrox deals so much damage with Blood Price and Massacre that he’s able to clean up without much effort.

  • When building Aatrox, focus on a mix of attack damage, attack speed, and durability.

  • For runes, try Attack Damage Marks, Armor Seals, Magic Resist Glyphs, and Attack Damage Quintessences.

  • For masteries, try 21/9/0, taking attack speed, physical damage, and armor penetration in Offense, along with extra health and armor in Defense.

  • For summoner spells, try Flash and Ignite, allowing you to quickly reposition in fights and secure kills.

  • Thanks for tuning into the Aatrox Champion Spotlight.

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Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Aatrox, the Darkin Blade.


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