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  • For our next assignment, we're going to work on an argument essay. Our argument essay will

  • be a 5-paragraph essay, with an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The most

  • important paragraph is the introduction paragraph, in my opinion. It has a Thesis Statement,

  • and like a foundation on a home, without a strong thesis statement, your home, or your

  • essay, will fall apart. So let's begin by looking at the introduction paragraph and

  • the important components involved in it. In an introduction paragraph, you begin with

  • an attention getter. Just after that, you give your background information. Use the

  • research report we wrote to develop your background information. Then, you want to lead into your

  • thesis statement. What is a thesis statement? It is a declarative statement that shows your

  • opinion. Because a thesis statement is so important to the introduction paragraph, I

  • have provided you some on my website. You're not required to use it, but I do have it there

  • in case you're struggling with writing it. I don't want your essay to fall apart just

  • because you have a weak thesis. Now I do recommend that you write your own thesis statements.

  • One suggestion is that you use my thesis statement as a model in helping you compose your own.

  • Next up are the body paragraphs. You will have 3 main body paragraphs. 2 of them are

  • going to be very similar in structure, and one of them is going to be a little different

  • from the rest. Let's first look at the 2 body paragraphs that are similar to each other

  • in structure. They will both begin with the topic sentence. This topic sentence directly

  • relates to the thesis statement. I like to think of it as an extension of the thesis

  • statement because it looks at 1 main point from that thesis statement. Next you need

  • to support your topic sentence using outside research. Go to your research report to gather

  • information that you might use to support this paragraph. It's ok to also use a personal

  • experience, as long as it directly relates to the issue. A large portion of our online

  • work will be dedicated to developing these 2 body paragraphs. Next up is our 3rd body

  • paragraph, or what is called our refutation paragraph. The refutation paragraph takes

  • time to look at the opposing side's viewpoints. You need to review the opposition's view respectfully

  • and briefly. You do this respectfully because you don't want to offend them, however, just

  • after you point out what they believe you need to tell them why they're wrong. Again,

  • do this respectfully so that your audience will be willing to listen to you. So here

  • we have the 3 body paragraphs. Be aware that your refutation doesn't have to be last. You

  • can organize your body paragraphs in any way that you like. You can put it in the middle,

  • or it might work better in the front. You decide. Now that you have written a wonderful

  • introduction paragraph, and 3 solid body paragraphs, you're going want to write a conclusion to

  • top things off nicely. A conclusion paragraphs has some main components. First of all, you're

  • going to want to restate the thesis. Be sure you restate it in a way that it looks and

  • sounds different from the original thesis. You also want to review the main points from

  • the essay. You can do this by looking at the topic sentences that you wrote. Finally, you

  • want to leave your reader with something interesting to think about. Do not let this be confused

  • with writing a new argument. Argument time ended when you finished writing the body paragraphs.

  • Instead, think of a suggestion, or a though-provoking quote that might leave the reader thinking

  • on the subject. Now at the end of the essay you should have a works cited page. Much of

  • our online work is dedicated to understanding this. Also, I strongly recommend that you

  • take time looking at the sample essays I left you in the assignment screens. Often students

  • overlook this and they regret it. Finally, look at the rubric. This is what I use to

  • grade your essay. Good luck, and I think you guys will do great!

For our next assignment, we're going to work on an argument essay. Our argument essay will


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