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  • Hi! This is your instructor Paola Brown. Hopefully this introduction will prevent you from beating

  • your head on the desk as you work on your Research Report. One of the first things the

  • assignment screens will lead you to is to my Argumentative Topics Website. There you

  • will find a list of controversial topics. It also has scholarly websites listed that

  • will help you in your research. AS you select your topic, you may find that you have strong

  • feelings about one topic, and you may find that you don't really have an opinion either

  • way about other topics. Feel free to pick whatever topic you want, but I recommend writing

  • on a topic you feel neutral about. This will help you write an unbiased research report.

  • We will talk about bias in a minute. Your research report will be 4 paragraphs long.

  • Let's talk about paragraph 1, the intro. Here, you'll want to give background info on your

  • topic. Explain in general both sides of the issue. Tell why it's fiery, why it's controversial.

  • This is easier said than done. One way to look at it is to pretend that your audience

  • is an alien. Pretend they know little to nothing about your Earthling topic. Explain to the

  • audience the pertinent rules and the background details, so that they will understand the

  • rest of the essay. Nobody wants a confused alien—I mean audiencewhen writing an

  • essay. At the end of this paragraph, be sure to list at least 3 websites where you found

  • your information. There's no need to do a works cited page. We'll learn how to build

  • one in a later assignment. Once you're introduction paragraph is done, you need to begin the last

  • 3 paragraphs. Each paragraph focuses on 3 different perspectives of your topic. Some

  • may see your issue like this, while others may look at it from this angle. And the rest

  • may look down here. Let me use gun control as an example. Some people love guns. Some

  • think there shouldn't be any guns at all, while others think they're ok as long as guns

  • are regulated. Now that you've written the paragraphs, be sure that for each paragraphs,

  • you list the 3 websites where you found your material. It's ok if some of the websites

  • are repeated. Just make sure you have a nice variety. Again, on my argument topics webpage,

  • you will find the list of reliable web links for each topic. You're also allowed to seek

  • out your own websites. Just make sure they're reputable. So DON'T use Wikipedia. Now, since

  • you're a human, you probably have an opinion on your topic. You may like it, or not. In

  • this particular assignment, I DO NOT want to know your opinion, both explicit or implicit.

  • Watch your tone and overall attitude as you write. Ask yourself if your words tend to

  • be more positive in one paragraph, and more dreary in another. "But professor!", one might

  • say, "This will make my essay uninteresting. Boring! You might fall asleep!" To that, I

  • say great! Think back to our Alien example. The purpose is to report your researched findings

  • to an undecided or uninformed group. It's how the news should be, but really isn't.

  • It should explain different perspectives on an issue, and allow the audience to choose

  • their own position...and they should do so in complete neutrality and objectivity. Now

  • that you're essay is finished, go ahead and make sure it is MLA formatted. My favorite

  • website for finding information on MLA website is the Purdue OWL, or Online Writing Lab.

  • I have linked this website in the assignment screens, as well as other pertinent information

  • for MLA formatting. Now that you have finished watching the video, don't just right in and

  • begin typing your essay. Instead, make sure you follow the directions on the calendar

  • and complete the assignments listed therein. Finally, if you have any questions at all,

  • feel free to email me. Feel free to email me A LOT! I'm here to help. Well I hope this

  • video was a helpful start to our next assignment. Good luck and see you online! Bye!

Hi! This is your instructor Paola Brown. Hopefully this introduction will prevent you from beating


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研究報告書の紹介 (Intro to Research Report)

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