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If you go to the Cairo Museum and you look at the artefacts, go to the Golden Mask.
The golden mask is something that, I believe, it will never be repeated.
No artist in the world will be able to do this beauty.
Look at the eyes, at the face, it is a masterpiece of art, in my opinion.
The second, go to the coffins. You know, they found inside the tomb seven coffins.
Howard Carter took all of them and he left one inside the tomb.
Each coffin can give you an amazing the beauty of art.
Not only anything in the tomb is an exact copy of the face of King Tut.
Some of what you discover in the tomb, it shows the idealistic life
that he wants to be, it is not really the realistic art.
And therefore you'll find that some of the statues are different from each other.
I myself, when I enter Cairo Museum, I go to this chair.
And I look at it, the Golden Throne.
The golden throne is another masterpiece.
The most amazing thing that they show at the statue the love between the king and the queen.
They're wearing one sandal only, they show that they're sharing everything.
The love was between them.
And this why, when King Tut died,
Queen Ankhesenamun was so upset she put a flower,
it was discovered on his mummy.
The jewellery is amazing, especially what has been found inside his body,
over 104 pieces: beautiful rings, collars with beads, the crown.
My best, favourite piece is really that pectoral with winged scarab.
Look why – this is amazing.
The stones here, you have gold and silver and glass and semi-precious stones
– all these are in one piece of jewelery.
Look at this scarab in the middle and holding the udjat – eye.
And this is a symbol of Osiris.
The two cobras protecting the king in between.
And down – look at the lotus flower.
This is, in my opinion, a masterpiece.
How? It has a religious idea.
Art in Ancient Egypt was for the sake of religion.


King Tut - The Boy King's Treasures

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