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  • Welcome to Day 4!

  • You know, even if you studied

  • a lot of grammar in the past,

  • these videos can help you brush up on phrasal verbs.

  • What does "brush up on" mean?

  • It's like reviewing.

  • Reviewing to get good at something again.

  • Look at the examples.

  • "Brush up on" is transitive.

  • It takes an object.

  • But it cannot be separated by the object.

  • Brush up on WHAT?

  • Is there something you once knew or did very well?

  • Could you brush up on it within a month's time?

  • Let's review the four phrasal verbs we've studied so far.

  • We'll use flashcards.

  • What does "let in on" mean?

  • Do you recall the definition?

  • How about "come up with"?

  • Do you remember what "sink in" means?

  • How about "brush up on"?

  • Now let's shuffle the cards around

  • and go the other way.

  • Recall the phrasal verb.

  • To gradually be understood = ?

  • Which verb is that?

  • How about "to practice an old skill"?

  • "To produce or create."

  • "To get an idea for something."

  • Finally...

  • "To share a secret..."

  • "or allow someone to participate in something..."

  • "not everyone can"

  • You can create your own flashcards

  • and do similar practice exercises.

Welcome to Day 4!


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句動詞:ブラッシュアップ - ジェニファーESLとの4日目 (Phrasal verb: brush up on - Day 4 with JenniferESL)

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